MCM sensors are used to detect minecarts that meet certain conditions and locally or wirelessly trigger redstone circuits.

Input sign

To create a detector (input) sign, place a sign facing the rail with the following lines:

  • sensor: type
  • name

Where type is any of the following

0000All minecart
0001Has passenger
0002No passeneger
0003Has mob passenger
0004Has animal passenger
0005Has player passenger
0006Is storage minecart
0007Is powered minecart
0008Detect All items specified by name*
0009Has player passenger named name
0010Has zombie passenger
0011Has skeleton passenger
0012Has creeper passenger
0013Has pig passenger
0014Has sheep passenger
0015Has cow passenger
0016Has chicken passenger
0017Detect Any Items specified by name*
0018Has zombiepigman passenger
0019Has destination station set to name*
0020Detect Passenger is holding item name

Place a redstone diode behind the sign and left click the sign. This diode can now be used directly to power redstone.

Wireless output

Make another sign identical to the input sign at any other location in the world. Place a redstone diode behind this sign as well.

Left click both signs to activate the sensors and link them. When a minecart passes by the input sign that meets the condition, both the input and output diodes will provide power