Minecart Physics

MinecartMania Physics

MinecartMania uses a custom minecart entity with new and adjustable physics to suit your server.

Most physics settings are specified at the server level, but a few can be changed on the fly to accommodate the track with signs. If a setting doesn't have a sign but there's a good reason for one, let me know and I can make one.

All physics settings are set as a percentage of the normal value, or true/false.

PropertyDescriptionDefaultSign Action
Minecart CollisionsIf true minecarts behave normally and collide with blocks and other minecarts. If false, minecarts will pass through each other and will not bounce off blocks.falseNone.
Max speedThe top speed to which a minecart can be boosted.200[Max Speed:000]
Max allowed max speedThe maximum allowed 'max speed' to which a minecart can be set with signs500None
Slow When EmptyIf true the server will use seperate friction for empty and full minecarts. By default empty carts slow down quicker. If set to false all carts will use the Passenger FrictiontrueNone.
Passenger FrictionThe rate a minecart slows down with a passenger, or when Slow When Empty is false. Set to 0 to remove slowdown.100None
Empty FrictionThe rate an empty minecart slows down when empty if Slow When Empty is true. Set to 0 to remove slowdown100None
Slope SpeedThe change in speed a minecart undergoes when going up or a down a slope. Set to 0 to remove speed change100None
Passenger Push SpeedThe maximum speed to which a rider can push a minecart while riding in it. Set to 0 to disable player-asssted movement25None
Passenger BrakingNormally a passenger can only speed up a minecart, not slow it. Set this to true to allow passenger-assisted braking.falseNone
GravityThe speed at which a minecart in the air will fall. Larger values will make it fall faster100None.
MagnetWhen on, minecarts can not jump or leave the track vertically. When off minecarts can jump (via player jump button), jump via signs, ramp off the top of inclines and soar down declines.false[Magnet:on] or [Magnet:off]