MinecartMania 2.0 uses a single config.yml file for server configuration.

If you are unfamiliar with YAML markup, please familiarize yourself before making large changes to the configuration.

The first time MCM 2.0 is launched, a config.yml file will be created in the MinecartMania directory. This file will contain all settings at their default values.

Note that this file is NOT updated when a new version of MCM 2.0 comes out. To use any new settings, you will have to either move the existing file and let MCM create a new one, and then copy your customized settings to the new file, or manually add the new settings to your config.yml from the box below.

Refer to the comments in the config.yml as to the purpose of each setting.

Current config.yml (2.3)

#Server Options
#This setting will keep chunks containing minecarts loaded in memeory. You should only use this for unattended farming or automation as it does use more memory.
KeepChunksLoaded: false
#If a player logs out while riding a minecart, the minecart is removed. When the player logs back in, the minecart is recreated and the player is placed into it.
PreserveMinecartOnLogout: true

#If true the player or chest that spawns a minecart will have it, and any contained items, returned when it is destroyed. 
#(If RemoveDeadMinecarts is also true only items will be returned.)
ReturnCartsToOwner: false
#When a player right-clicks a track with this item it will cycle through all available rail types. See items.txt for valid names.
RailAdjusterTool: WOOD_PICKAXE
#If true, station rule signs will use the 'old' directions which are rotated 90degrees counter-clockwise from actual compass directions. This is for legacy rail systems only.
StationsUseOldDirections: false
#If true, when a minecart is destroyed it will not drop as an item or be returned to its owner.
RemoveDeadMinecarts: true

#[Eject] actions look for [eject at] or [eject here] actions in an 8 block radius. If instructions are not found, this setting dictates
#whether or not to use any previously encountered [eject at] ot [eject here] actions. Set to false for legacy rail systems with mixed controller/uncontrolled ejections.
RememberEjectionLocations: true

#The number of seconds after which the specified type of minecart will be removed.
#Set to -1 to disable.
EmptyMinecartKillTimer: 60
EmptyStorageMinecartKillTimer: -1
EmptyPoweredMinecartKillTimer: 60

#Console Logging Mode. Accepted Values: "None", "Severe", "Normal", "Debug", "Timer"
#Severe will produce only console logs from severe errors from MM
#Normal will produce standard startup console logs, and error logs from MM
#Debug will produce standard startup console logs, error logs, and debugging logs from MM
#Timer will produce standard startup console logs, error logs, debugging logs, and process time logs, from MM
LoggingMode: Normal

#This is the method MCM will use to match Station Rule 'st-' conditions to a minecart's destination. Setting 1 is recommened.
#0 - Match exact station name (ignores case)
#1 - Pattern matching. 
#       @ is any letter, ignoring case
#       # is any digit
#       ? is any single character
#       * is anything
#      Examples:
#        st-Cityville* would match any station starting with Cityville
#        st-Cityville-A# would match stations Cityville-A0 through Cityville-A9
#2 - Full regex parsing.
StationParsingMethod: 1

#0 - Always prompt rider to tap cart in desired direction at intersections if destination cannot be determined
#1 - Prompt only when intersection is above a Station block and destination cannot be determined. (Use this if using [Station] signs instead of blocks)
#2 - Nerver prompt at intersections, unless explicitly on a Prompt block.
IntersectionPromptsMethod: 0

#Minecart Physics

#When set to false, minecarts will not collide with each other or with blocks or entities while on rails. 
#   Ensures reliable trasportation. Players can still push carts at low speeds. Recommended setting.
#When set to true, minecarts behave normally and will bounce off blocks and other minecarts.
MinecartCollisions: false

#Default magnetic rail value for new minecarts. Magnetic rail prevents the minecart from leaving the track vertically.
MagneticRail: false

#The default Max Speed for new minecarts, as a percentage of normal minecart max speed.
MaxSpeedPercent: 200

#The maximum allowed Max Speed as set by signs, as a percentage of normal minecart max speed.
MaxAllowedSpeedPercent: 500

#The friction applied to minecarts on the ground off the track, as a percentage of the normal minecart derailed friction.
DerailedFrictionPercent: 100

#The friction applied to minecarts on rail with a passenger or when SlowWhenEmpty is false, as a percentage of the normal minecart passenger friction.
#Whether to use seperate Frictions for empty and full minecarts. if false, the passenger friction is used.
#The friction applied to minecarts on rails if SlowWhenEmpty is true, as a percentage of the normal minecart empty friction.
PassengerFrictionPercent: 100
SlowWhenEmpty: false
EmptyFrictionPercent: 100

#The maximum speed to which a player can nudge a minecart while riding in it, as a percentage of the normal minecart max speed.
MaxPushSpeedPercent: 25

#Whether or not the player can slow the minecart via pushing.
PushBrakingAllowed: false

#The speed change applied while going up or down slopes, as a percentage of normal minecart max speed.
SlopeSpeedPercent: 100

#The gravity applied to minecarts while flying through the air, as a percentage of normal minecart gravity.
GravityPercent: 100

#The number of blocks to jump when a minecart is clicked by the rider, or a [jump] action is encountered.
DefaultJumpHeight: 4

#Entities on Track

#Whether mobs that collide with the minecart should be removed, otherwise they will be ignored.
KillMobsOnTrack: true
#Whether players that collide with the minecart should be killed if it is going fast enough, otherwise they will be bumped to the side.
KillPlayersOnTrack: false
#The minimum speed required to kill a player on collision, as a percentage of normal minecart max speed.
KillPlayersOnTrackMinimumSpeed: 90

#Sign Ranges - Change at your own risk, large values will impact server performance.
#Number of blocks around the minecart that will be searched for action signs.
ActionSignRange: 2
#Number of blocks around the [Station] block that will be searched for station commands.
StationSignRange: 2
#Number of blocks around a [spawn] block or Chest that will be searched for spawn-type and spawn-direction commands
SpawnSignRange: 2
#number of blocks around a [Eject] that will be searched for Eject Here or Eject At instructions.
EjectSignRange: 8

#Item Handling
DefaultItemCollectionRange: 4
DefaultItemCollectionRangeY: 0

DefaultFarmingRange: 4
DefaultFarmingRangeY: 4

#Control blocks
#Control blocks are aliases for signs, when the minecart passes over one, it will execute the actions specified.
#See the items.txt file for the proper name of each block.
#Each entry below the block represents a sign. Use / to seperate the lines on each sign.
#You can specify a Redstone state for each individual sign by starting line 1 with (ON), (OFF), (TRIGGERON), or (TRIGGEROFF). 
#    ON and OFF actions are run when the minecart passes over it and the block has the correct power state.
#    TRIGGERON and TRIGGEROFF actions are run when the redstone power of the block changes to the specified state, whether or not a minecart is nearby.
#       Only Spawn and Launch can currently be triggered by redstone.
#Be sure to enclose the whole entry in double quotes ""
#Refer to the documentation for available signs and their syntax.
#     - "[sign 1 line 1]"
#     - "[sign 2 line 1] / [sign 2 line 2]"
#     - "(ON) [redstone on sign]"
#     - "(OFF) [redstone off sign]"
      - "[set speed:1.5x]"       
      - "[platform]" 
      - "[elevator]"
      - "[announce] / Going up!"       
      - "[set speed:-1x]"  
      - "(OFF) [Catch]"
      - "(ON) [launch]"      
      - "(TRIGGERON) [previous dir]"      
      - "[Catch] / hold for 5"
      - "[Station]"      
      - "[Prompt]"
      - "(TRIGGERON)[spawn]"
      - "(ON)[launch]"      
      - "(OFF)[launch player]"   
      - "(TRIGGERON)[spawn]"
      - "(ON)[launch2]"      
      - "(OFF)[launch2 player]"    
      - "[eject]"     
      - "[eject here]"
       - "[kill]"      
       - "(ON) [set speed:2x]"   
       - "(OFF) [set speed:0.5x]"
       - "(OFF) [jump]"

#Item aliases to provide a single name for a group of items. 
#See the items.txt file for the proper name or ID for each item.
    - GOLD_ORE
    - IRON_ORE
    - 260
    - 297
    - 322
    - 354
    - 350
    - 319
    - 320 

     - WOOD
     - COAL
     - LOG
     - BIRCH_LOG
      - LOG
      - BIRCH_LOG      
      - JUNGLE_LOG
      - 35;0
      - 35;1
      - 35;2
      - 35;3
      - 35;4
      - 35;5
      - 35;6
      - 35;7
      - 35;8
      - 35;9
      - 35;10
      - 35;11
      - 35;12
      - 35;13
      - 35;14
      - 35;15
      - 171;0
      - 171;1
      - 171;2
      - 171;3
      - 171;4
      - 171;5
      - 171;6
      - 171;7
      - 171;8
      - 171;9
      - 171;10
      - 171;11
      - 171;12
      - 171;13
      - 171;14
      - 171;15
      - 172;0
      - 171;0
      - 171;1
      - 171;2
      - 171;3
      - 171;4
      - 171;5
      - 171;6
      - 171;7
      - 171;8
      - 171;9
      - 171;10
      - 171;11
      - 171;12
      - 171;13
      - 171;14
      - 171;15
      - 5;0
      - 5;1
      - 5;2
      - 5;3
      - 6;0
      - 6;1
      - 6;2
      - 6;3
#Localization messages. 
  LackPermissionForCommand: "[RED]You do not have permission to use that command"
  LackPermission: "[RED]You do not have permission to do that."
  LackPermissionForSign: "[RED]You do not have permission to create a %s"
  LackPermissionToRemoveSign: "[RED]You do not have permission to remove a %s"
  LackPermissionForControlBlock: "[RED]You do not have permission to place a %s"
  SignCommandsAnnouncementPrefix: "[YELLOW] Announcement: [WHITE]"
  SignCommandsMinecartLocked: "[YELLOW]Your Minecart Has been Locked."
  SignCommandsMinecartUnlocked: "[GREEN]Your Minecart Has Been Unlocked"
  SignCommandsMinecartLockedError: "[YELLOW]This minecart is locked."
  SignCommandsDestination: "[GREEN]You've arrived at your destination"
  SignCommandsSensorItemError: "[RED]Item Sensors Must Have a Valid Item Name or id, On Line 3"
  SignCommandsSensorPlayerNameError: "[RED]Player Name Sensors Must Have The Name Of The Player To Detect, On Line 3"
  SignCommandsSensorSuccess: "[GREEN]Sensor Successfully Created"
  StationsTapInDirection: "[YELLOW]Push your minecart in the desired direction"
  StationsInvalidDirection: "[RED]Not a valid direction."
  StationsValidDirections: "[YELLOW]You can go %s"
  StationHelpString: "[GREEN]Your current destination is: %s"
  AdminReload: "[GREEN] config.yml reloaded."
  AdminControlsValidDebugModes: "[RED]Valid Debug Modes: %s"
  AdminControlsDebugMode: "[GREEN]Switched to debug mode: %s"
  AdminControlsNoPlayerFound: "[RED]No player matches that name"
  AdminControlsEjectUsage: "[RED]Proper Usage: '/eject [player name]'"
  AdminControlsPermEjectUsage: "[RED]Proper Usage: '/permeject [player name]'"
  AdminControlsMinecartsRemoved: "[GREEN]%d minecarts were removed from the server successfully."
  AdminControlsInvalidValue: "[RED]Invalid Configuration Value"
  AdminControlsSetConfigKeyUsage: "[RED]Proper Usage: '/setconfigkey [key] [value]'. \nHint: The key and value should be surrounded by brackets."
  AdminControlsMomentum: "Speed X: %.2f \nSpeed Y: %.2f \nSpeed Z: %.2f"
  AdminControlsMomentumInvalid: "[RED]You must be in a minecart."
  AdminControlsStation: "[GREEN]Destination station set to: %s"
  AdminControlsConfigKey: "The value of '%s' is '%s'"
  AdminControlsHelp: "The following are valid MinecartMania commands: "
  AdminControlsConfigKeyUsage: "[RED]Proper Usage: '/getconfigkey [key]'. \nHint: The key should be surrounded by brackets."
  AdminControlsListConfigKeyPageHeader: "Minecart Mania Configuration Values (Page %d of %d)"
  AdminControlsListConfigKey: "Key: [GREEN]%s [WHITE]Value: [GREEN]%s"
  AdminControlsSetConfigKey: "Key '[GREEN]%s[WHITE]' set to '[GREEN]%s[WHITE]'"
  AdminControlsListConfigKeyPage: "[RED]There is no page %d"
  AdminControlsThrottleSet: "[GREEN]Throttle set!"
  AdminControlsThrottleSetOverdrive: "[GREEN]Overdrive Enabled!"
  AdminControlsThrottleUsage: "[RED]Invalid command. Correct usage is /throttle [number]"
  AdminControlsBlockMinecartEntry: "[RED]You've been restricted from entering that minecart!"
  AdminControlsHideMinecarts: "[GREEN]All minecarts successfully hidden"
  AdminControlsRedrawMinecarts:  "[GREEN]All minecarts successfully redrawn"
  AdminControlsMMHeader: "[WHITE]----------------[GREEN]Minecart Mania Information[WHITE]---------------"
  AdminControlsInfoTotalMinecarts: "Total Minecarts: [GREEN]%d"
  AdminControlsInfoEmptyMinecarts: "Empty Minecarts: [GREEN]%d"
  AdminControlsInfoOccupiedMinecarts: "Occupied Minecarts: [GREEN]%d"
  AdminControlsInfoPoweredMinecarts: "Powered Minecarts: [GREEN]%d"
  AdminControlsInfoStorageMinecarts: "Storage Minecarts: [GREEN]%d"
  AdminControlsInfoMovingMinecarts: "Moving Minecarts: [GREEN]%d"
  AdminControlsInfoStalledMinecarts: "Stalled Minecarts: [GREEN]%d"
  AdminControlsInfoMostOwnedMinecarts: "Owns the most Minecarts: [GREEN]%s [WHITE]([YELLOW]%d[WHITE])"