All guilds contain a setting to save one home called a base. While a member of that guild you may use the /base command to teleport to that guilds set base location. An admin with the relevant permissions may also set the guilds base through the /guilds setbase <guild> command.

On the creation of a Guild the players location is taken as the default base location. If not available it is set to the coordinated 0,0,0 on default world.

If allowGuildProtect is set to true in the configuration then the base is protected from members of other Guilds by a distance defined in setGuildProtectionBarrier. Only members of that Guild may build or destroy blocks subject to any other block protection plugins installed.

The example below shows the settings of a typical base in the guilds.yml file.

    World: world
    X: 39.45373428224406
    Y: 63.0
    Z: 82.12064543166778
    Yaw: -0.46957308
    Pitch: 17.725046
Relevant SettingsInputDescription
allowGuildProtectiontrue / falseSets a protection barrier around all guild bases. Only that guilds members can build in that area. The perimeter is determined by the distance in setGuildProtectionBarrier
setGuildProtectionBarriernumberSets the distance to protect around guild bases.
allowBaseOnDeathtrue / falseSets whether a player teleports to their guilds base on death.
allowOtherGuildWithinProtectiontrue / falseSets whether non guild members can walk into the guilds protected base.