Settings can be changed in the settings.yml file manually. Commands to do this will be coming shortly. A list of all settings and their descriptions are found below:

SettingInput TypeDescription
ENABLE_CHANGE_GUILDbooleanif set to true, allows players to freely change guilds (leave and join).
ENABLE_NO_GUILDbooleanif set to true, players must join a guild to be able to play on the server.
ENABLE_FRIENDLY_FIRE_PVPbooleanif set to true, players cannot attack same guild members.
ENABLE_BASE_ON_DEATHbooleanif set to true, players respawn at guild base on death.
ENABLE_GUILD_PROTECTION_BARRIERbooleanif set to true, sets a protection barrier around guild bases.
ENABLE_GUILD_PROTECTION_BARRIER_VOIDintegerif more than 0 then guild base if griefable when set number of members are online.
ENABLE_DAMAGE_ANIMATION_ON_ZERObooleanif set to true, animates damage when no damage caused by damage event.
ENABLE_CHAT_COLORbooleanif set to true, allows colour to be used on prefixes, suffixes and chat.
ENABLE_PLAYER_GUILD_PREFIXbooleanif set to true, uses guild prefix and suffix in chat.
ENABLE_GUILD_CHAT_FORMATbooleanif set to true, uses chat prefix and suffix in settings.yml.
ENABLE_GUILD_JOIN_PERMISSIONSbooleanif set to true, enables you to determine who can join which guilds though permissions (guilds.guild.<Guild>)
ENABLE_PICKUP_RESTRICTIONSbooleanif set to true, enables a player to pick up a restricted item for their guild although they may not use it.
ENABLE_ENEMY_ENTER_PROTECTION_BARRIERbooleanif set to false, enables bounce back from players other than guild members entering base.
SET_PROTECTION_BARRIERintegerdefines the protection area around guild bases if ENABLE_GUILD_PROTECTION_BARRIERset to true.
SET_CHAT_PREFIXtextdefines chat prefix if ENABLE_GUILD_CHAT_FORMATset to true.
SET_CHAT_SUFFIXtextdefines chat suffix if ENABLE_GUILD_CHAT_FORMATset to true.
SET_GUILDS_BROADCAST_COLORtextdefines color of "[Guilds] " in messages.
SET_BASE_TP_DELAYintegersets the delay time of /base teleport.
SET_DEFAULT_GUILDtextsets the default base if ENABLE_DEFAULT_GUILDset to true.
ENABLE_RESTRICTIONSbooleanTurns on and off the restrictions feature in Guilds. Required where some other restriction plugins conflict.
ENABLE_GUILD_NAME_ON_BROADCASTbooleanChanges "[Guilds] " in messages to "[Guild Name] ".
ENABLE_PLAYER_LISTNAME_GUILDbooleanChange players name above their head to their guild name if true.
ENABLE_PLAYER_LISTNAME_COLORbooleanAdd color to name above players head as set in guild.yml color setting.
ENABLE_DEFAULT_GUILDbooleanIf true all players who have not joined a guild are placed in this guild by default.
SET_CHANGE_GUILD_TIMElongIf more than 0 then allows players to change guild after expired time.