Traits can manipulate events in the game. For example increase or decrease a Guild’s ability to damage through MELEE or PROJECTILE and increase or decrease a Guild’s tolerance to a variety of damage causes. You may change the settings to cause a Guild to be immune to LAVA damage or more prone to MELEE damage. Traits can also increase or decrease the amount of XP received or an items efficiency / durability for a Guild.

Example Set a trait to 100 for normal, 50 for half effect or 200 for double etc.

Misc Traits - increase / decrease multipliers:

  • XP - xp received by xp orbs

Attack Traits - increase / decrease damage dealt:

  • MELEE - damage dealt by fist or item in hand
  • PROJECTILE - damage dealt by thrown item or arrow

Defence Traits - increase / decrease damage received:

  • MELEE - damage received by fist or item in hand
  • PROJECTILE - damage received by thrown item or arrow
  • FALL - damage received by falling more than 3 blocks
  • SUFFOCATION - damage received when covered by blocks
  • CONTACT - damage received by cactus
  • FIRE - damage received by fire and fire ticks
  • LAVA - damage received when in contact with lava
  • DROWNING - damage received when under water (no oxygen left)
  • EXPLOSION - damage received by any explosions
  • LIGHTNING - damage received when struck by lightning
  • STARVATION - damage received by starvation
  • POISON - damage received by poison ticks
  • MAGIC - damage received by hit by a damage potion
  • WITHER - not yet defined by bukkit