Traits can manipulate events in the game in more ways than traits. Abilities, unlike traits, are either set to true or false (on or off). Abilities can be used to a variety of Guilds from invisible Guilds that cannot be seen by others to Nocturnal Guilds that are damaged by sunlight and flying Guilds through to sharp shooter Guilds. Abilities are only applied to the player if that player is within an active World and an active Biome.

All abilities are either switched on or off / true or false.


  • PEACEKEEPER: disabled damage to and from other players
  • REFLECT: damage anyone to damages player (damage customisable)
  • INSTABREAK: instantly break blocks with a gold pickaxe... (Durability ON)
  • KNOCKBACK: knocks target back when right clicked (power customisable)
  • MOBTARGET: mobs do not target you unless provoked
  • POISONBLADE: poisons player if you use sword (ticks customisable)
  • EXPLOSIVEARROW: explodes where arrow lands (power customisable)
  • FIREARROW: set player on fire if hit with arrow (ticks customisable)
  • POISONARROW: poisons player if hit with arrow (ticks customisable)
  • LIGHTNINGARROW: strikes lightning where arrow lands (power customisable)
  • BLINDNESSARROW: blinds player if hit with arrow (ticks customisable)
  • CONFUSIONARROW: confuses player if hit with arrow (ticks customisable)
  • TPARROW: tp player to where arrow lands (great for damaging and following up with surprise melee)
  • MOBARROW: nearby mobs target player if arrow hits player
  • ZOMBIEARROW: spawn zombie on arrow hit location
  • STRAIGHTARROW: arrow fires faster and straighter (power customisable)
  • FIREPUNCH: sets player on fire when punched without item (ticks customisable)
  • FLIGHT: allow player to fly when sneaking (speed customisable)
  • HIGHJUMP: allow player to jump higher (power customisable)
  • SUNLIGHT: damage player in sunlight
  • STORM: damage player in storm
  • MOONLIGHT: damage player in moonlight
  • WATERDAMAGE: damage player in water
  • LANDDAMAGE: damage player on land
  • INVISIBLE: player invisible to non guild players
  • RECOVERHEALTH: allow player to regain health after being damaged
  • RECOVERITEMS: auto regain items on death
  • RECOEVERXP: auto regain xp on death
  • EXPLODEDEATH: player explodes on death (power customisable)