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For more detailed information on commands, consult the in-game help text when typing a command. For example, type /flag ViewTrust for the specific usage of the ViewTrust action.

Arguments that appear in <Angle Brackets> are required. Arguments that appear in [Brackets] are optional.

/flag <action> <location> <flag> [value]Command for flag maintenance.
/bundle <action> <location> <bundle> [value]Command for bundle maintenance (customizable groups of flags).
/sector <action>Command for managing sectors.
/flags <action>Administration command (not to be confused with /flag)


Flag & Bundle Command

ActionAction TypeDescriptionAlias
GetReadRetrieve the value of the flag or a list of values for a bundle.g
SetWriteChange the value of the flag or bundle.s
RemoveWriteRemove a flag or bundle and return it to the default.r
TrustWriteAdd a player or permission node* to the trust list.t
DistrustWriteRemove a player or permission node* from the trust list.u
HelpReadDisplay a list of available flags or bundles.h

*Regardless of what your permission plugin may support, permissions in trust lists MUST contain at least one period character or Flags will assume it is a player name.

Flag Command Only

ActionAction TypeDescriptionAlias
ViewTrustReadDisplay a list of trusted players.v
MessageWriteSet the message players will see when a player flag takes effect.m
PresentMessageReadShow the message players will see when a player flag takes effect.p
EraseMessageWriteDelete the message players will see when a player flag takes effect and return it to the default.e
InheritWriteFor use in subdivisions or child areas. Toggles inheriting of parent area's flags.i
ChargeAdminGets or sets the price of the flag or message.c

Bundle Command Only

ActionAction TypeDescriptionAlias
AddAdminAdd a flag to a bundle (Creates bundle if it does not exist).a
CutAdminRemove a flag from an existing bundle.c
EraseAdminRemove a bundle from the system.e

Sector Command Only

DeleteDelete a parent sector or subdivision.
DeleteTopLevelDelete the parent sector and all it's subdivisions.
DeleteAllDelete all sectors on the server.

Administration Command Only

ReloadReloads message.yml, most of config.yml (not database or land system settings), all data files (yaml), and closes and reconnects SQL.
ImportImports existing YAML data into the currently configured SQL database.


You must be standing in the area or wilderness you wish to perform flag action on, including the defaults, which are world specific.

WildernessAny area in the Minecraft world not defined by the land allocation system.w
AreaAny area in the Minecraft world defined by the land allocation system.a
DefaultThe customizable defaults for new areas.d


Value is always boolean (true or false) and can be aliased (t or f).

Dynamic Messages

When creating messages you can insert wildcards in braces. These wildcards will be replaced by the corresponding dynamic values. You may also include any standard Minecraft formatting code using & instead of ยง.

Example: &2{Player}&1, welcome to &6{Owner}&1's {AreaType}!
Results: Alpha, welcome to Bravo's claim!

{AreaType}The type of the area (i.e. claim, residence, region, wilderness).
{Owner}The area's owner (not functional for wilderness).
{World}The name of the world. (not functional for area/default)
{Player}The name of the player the message is being sent to.


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