This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

What is uSkyblock

uSkyblock is a surviving game that transport you to a small island in mid-air. You need to try and survive with the minimum resources.
You can with the few given items create a cobblestone generator which you can then use to expand your island.
By doing the challenges (command /challenges or /c) you can earn Items, Money, XP and Special permissions. Some of these items you earn are needed to complete the next challenges.
You can play alone or you can invite your friends (/is invite [playername])to build together on your island.
You can set a warp (/is warp [playername] to show off what you have done on your island. This can be turned on or off at the GUI.
You can set your own biome (/is biome [biomename]).

In Talabrek's version there were a lot of questions about the Chest and Ender_Chest in the GUI. This feature is now made optional and can be removed if needed. However I have made an example set (See below the Third Party Plugins) to use to the full extent.

Video Tutorials

If you like this video plz subsribe to his channel, he does a plugin tutorial video every week.

If you would like to have your video tutorial featured on our video tutorial page (preferably in your own language) send me (dutchy1001) a message.
We would like many different language video's to help out as many server owners we can.

Click here for the video tutorial page.


As there were many questions asked how to donate for our work and time we always said that we are doing this for the community. We, R4zorax and myself (dutchy1001) do this as a hobby and enjoy the time spent on it. R4zorax as the main developer likes coding and solving of the issues you guys and gals find, my contribution is to answer most of you and troubleshoot through your config's, permissions and sometimes joining your servers to see at first hand what goes wrong and help you fix them. I also maintain the uSkyblock server were the latest version is tested.

Since the plugin is free, and the source-code is open-source, we see no need to further our own cause. But! We'd like to use this opportunity to raise money for charities.

So here we go, we have setup a page were you guys and gals can donate on our behalf.
This website will do all the work for us to donate to a good cause.
We've set the bar to £500 and when this is accomplished we will put up a POLL for the next £500 that way you all can have a say too.

To donate visit JustGiving

We also would like to thank you all for the many positive reactions we have received since we took over from Talabrek. Without you all we wouldn't be were we are now, so thank you too.

Last note:

We can not support Minecraft v1.7.xx anymore as there are to many differences between those versions. Cauldron is not supported, for help ask on their forums.


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