Ultra Hardcore 1.8

Ultra Hardcore 1.8


If you are looking for a simple and automatic setup for Ultra Hardcore Game?
This plugin is right for you.


What can this UHC plugin do for you:

  • Disabled / Edit Mode
    • Load / generated all chunks in the UHC arena by specific arena size.


  • Private / Friends Mode
    • Create health bar on player list.
    • Select between hearts or number in the player tablist. 
    • Select between solo / team mode. (If team mode, it will create all 16 different color teams)
    • Custom team names and colors. (Team Mode) [NEW]
    • Custom tablist header & footer. (optional)
    • Custom UHC book. (optional)
    • Damage logger. (optional)
    • Freeze inGame player when the game is starting / countdown. (optional)
    • Golden Head Apple. (2 different apples) (optional)
    • Auto teleport players / teams to UHC arena. (Teleport-ed have a cooldown on 1.5 sec)
    • Countdown before the game starting.
    • Offline kicker. (Remove inGame player if that player has not come back to the game by specific timeout)
    • Set Worldborder size and shrink.
    • Set marker message and time.
    • Set Gamerule. (Example: if you want to have eternal day or not)
    • Use the old Minecraft combat mode. (optional) 
    • Change global chat format for spectator.
    • Change global chat format for solo mode.
    • Change global chat format for non-team player.
    • Change global chat format for team player.
    • Disable all commands for non OP player.
    • Disable all commands for OP player when the game is starting.


  • Server Mode
    • All 'Private / Friend Mode' settings.
    • Load / generate all chunks in the UHC arena by startup (optional).
    • Game Lobby. (uhc_lobby)
    • Select between simple / advanced Motd. (optional)
    • BungeeCord Support. (optional)
    • Return to main hub / lobby. (If BungeeCord Enabled)
    • OP / Permission player can use commands inGame.
    • Automatic restart of the server. (Read me)


Note: Remember to remove spawn-protection for non OP players.
(If world spawn area are in the UHC arena)




  • Java 8
  • Craftbukkit / Spigot / PaperMC 1.13.2




UHC arena, Map size: 1250 x 1250
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