Ultra Hardcore 1.8


Install & Setup

Here do you find out how to install and setup the plugin.
Test the plugin before you added them to your server.





First, you downloaded the latest version of the plugin, after that you drop the '.jar' file into your plugins folder and then restart / start your server, when you have done that, the default 'config.yml' will be generated.

In the config file you can change how the Ultra Hardcore 1.8 will be.
This plugin come with 3 different mode. Disabled / Edit mode, Private / Friends mode & Server mode.




Disabled / Edit Mode

When you starting for the first time, plugin will be in this mode.
In this mode, there is not much you can do in it, you can only do the command /chunkloader to load / generated all the chunk in the game, like when you start the game the server is already generated those chunks. (Less lags on the server)


How do I activate 'Disabled / Edit' mode`?

  1. Open the config file for this plugin.
  2. Find 'Plugin.Enabled'
  3. Set the boolean value to 'false'
  4. Save the config file and then restart / start your server.



Private / Friends Mode

In this mode you can set up a Ultra Hardcore game for your friends.
You can select between solo / team game mode.


How do I activate 'Private / Friends' Mode?

  1. Open the config file.
  2. Find 'Plugin.Enabled'
  3. Set the boolean value to 'true'
  4. Make sure 'ServerMode.Enabled' is set to 'false'
  5. Make sure what game mode you want to be at 'Game.TeamMode' ('true' for team mode, 'false' for solo mode)
  6. Save the config file and then restart / start your server.



Server Mode

In this mode you can run this game like forever if you like. Fully automatic Ultra Hardcore game.
Before you activated this mode, you need to create a lobby, call that world 'uhc_lobby', after that you need to do some changes to your 'run files', (That's means that file you start the server) But why do I need to do that, it because the server can not start again by him self, it will be offline after first game, but wait there is more, it will play the same map over and over again, so I have create little script for you if you want too have that or you can create one by your self. It is up to you. 


Get startup script by operating system:


How do you activate 'Server' Mode?

  1. Make sure your server is offline.
  2. Open the config file.
  3. Find 'Plugin.Enabled'
  4. Set the boolean value to 'true'
  5. Find 'ServerMode.Enabled'
  6. Set the boolean vaule to 'true'
  7. Save the config file and then start your server.