Old Config

Ultra Hardcore 1.8


Old Config.yml

This config file is for version 1.0.4 - 1.1.0.
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Key Type Default Value Description
Plugin Boolean false Disabled or enabled plugin mode.
ServerMode.Enabled Boolean false Disabled or enabled server mode.
ServerMode.ServerID Integer (1 - 9999) 1 Server ID
ServerMode.MinPlayerToStart Integer (2 - 100) 8 Minimum player to start the game. (Solo Mode)
ServerMode.MinTeamToStart Integer (2 - 16) 4 Minimum team to start the game. (Team Mode)
ServerMode.Countdown Integer (10 - 20000) 30 Countdown to start the game.
ServerMode.Motd String $[ID]|$[S]|$[OP]|$[IP] Server Motd (For Sign/NPC)
TabList.Enabled Boolean false Disabled or enabled tablist header & footer.
TabList.Header String &c&lUltra Hardcore 1.8&r Tablist header text.
TabList.Footer String blank Tablist footer text.
ChunkLoader.ShowHiddenDetail Boolean false Show hidden detail.
ChunkLoader.DelayTick Integer (0 - 20000) 8 Task delay.
ChunkLoader.Task Integer (0 - 20000) 20 Total chunk to load for each delay tick.
ChunkLoader.ArenaBorder Integer (0 - 20000) 500 Outside of UHC arena.
Book.Enabled Boolean false Disabled or enabled custom UHC book.
Book.ShowSettings Boolean false Disable or enable UHC settings pages.
Book.InventorySlot Integer (0-9) 7 Set custom UHC book inventory slot for player.
Book.Name String &eUltra Hardcore Set name of the custom uhc book.
Book.Lord String List List Set custom uhc book lord list.
Book.Pages String List List Set custom uhc book pages.
WorldOptions.Difficulty Integer (1 - 3) 2 Set world difficulty.
WorldOptions.ArenaSize Integer (100 - 20000) 1000 Set radius size of UHC arena from 0,0.
WorldOptions.SunTime Integer 0 Set sun positions.
Gamerules.doDaylightCycle Boolean true Minecraft gamerule.
Gamerules.doEntityDrops Boolean true Minecraft gamerule.
Gamerules.doFireTick Boolean true Minecraft gamerule.
Gamerules.doMobLoot Boolean true Minecraft gamerule.
Gamerules.doMobSpawning Boolean true Minecraft gamerule.
Gamerules.doTileDrops Boolean true Minecraft gamerule.
Gamerules.mobGriefing Boolean true Minecraft gamerule.
Gamerules.randomTickSpeed Integer (0 - 10) 3 Minecraft gamerule.
Gamerules.reducedDebugInfo Boolean false Minecraft gamerule.
Worldborder.StartPos Integer (100 - 20000) 2500 Set worldborder start position.
Worldborder.EndPos Integer (10 - 20000) 300 Set worldborder stop position.
If shrinks time set to 0: Disabled
Worldborder.Time Integer (0 - 100000) 10800 Set worldborder shrinks time.
If 0: Disabled
FreezePlayer.Enabled Boolean true Enabled or disabled freeze player when the game is starting.
FreezePlayer.Size Integer (5-15) 10 Freeze size.
Marker.Message String &cUHC&8 |&r YOU ARE NOW IN &a$[T]&r MIN IN Set marker message.
If blank: Disabled
Marker.TimeDelay Integer (0 - 20000) 20 Set marker time.
If 0: Disabled
GameMode.TeamMode Boolean false False: Solo mode.
True: Team mode.
GameMode.MaxTeamPlayer Integer (1 - 20000) 3 Set max player in team.
GameMode.SelectTeamInvSlot Integer (0 - 9) 1 Set select team item inventory slot.
GameMode.Options.FriendlyFire Boolean true Disabled or Enabled friendly fire.
GameMode.Options.SeeFriendlyInvisibles Boolean false Disabled or Enabled see friendly invisibles.
DamagerLogger Boolean false Disabled or Enabled damage logger.
OfflineKicker.Timeout Integer (1 - 20) 5 Set max offline time for ingame player.
OfflineKicker.Message String $[P] was killed by Offline Timer Set kick/death message.
GlobalChat.Default String <$[P]> $[M] Set global chat format for player. (Solo mode)
GlobalChat.Spectator String <&7&o$[P]&r> $[M] Set global chat format for spectator player.
GlobalChat.Teams.Default String <&o$[P]&r> $[M] Set global chat format for none team player. (Team mode)
GlobalChat.Teams.Team String <$[P]> $[M] Set global chat format for team player. (Team mode)
GlobalChat.Teams.PrivateChat String &7&lTeam&r <$[P]> &7$[M] Set private team chat format.