SimplyVanish provides simple commands that let players either vanish or reappear. You will be invisible, invincible and not become target of mobs... neither will you drop items nor pickup any or interact with the world in any other way (almost) ... unless you want to and have permissions to do so. Enough for sneaking up on xrayers with one or another command, making use of the new Bukkit vanish-API introduced back in 1.1-R4. No need for Spout, no hacks, just Bukkit-API !

So far the theory - Experience orbs still pose a slight problem due to missing API on the Bukkit side, so a more or less crude workaround is used for those. <- Needs update on if it is still necessary.

Maintenance Phase

Due to timing constraints i can not add much more to this plugin, however i still can keep it updated (still on server).

You can vanish with /vanish and reappear with /reappear or toggle with /tvanish - there are shortcuts and other uses, see the Commands/Flags section for reference, especially if you want to place blocks, inspect chests, chat, or interact in another way with your vicinity.

Further see: Features | Commands and Permissions | Configuration | API
(The info pages will get restructured with one or another of the upcoming releases.)

Planned additions: Page

Repository: https://github.com/asofold/SimplyVanish

Plugins that combine well:

  • OpenInv - Open online and offline players inventories and ender chests, distinguishes permission to be able to modify inventories - the reference plugin for this!
  • DisguiseCraft - Compatible plugin for disguising: mobs, players, ...


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