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Features (Overview)

This page usually refers to the latest version of SimplyVanish, older versions might not have all features available - if in doubt, just ask!

The default behavior of SimplyVanish is such as to have reasonably few interaction with the surrounding world when vanished. Still many aspects can be adjusted using flags, provided you have permission for that.

  • Vanish basics:
    • Hide players, ensure who sees who on login or when players vanish or reappear. Also: hide or show others.
    • Automatically vanish on login: permission + flag, needs to be enabled in the configuration.
    • See or not see other vanished players: permission + flag.
    • List vanished players by a command, also includes if they can see other vanished players.
  • Prevents (most are individually settable by flags):
    • Taking damage.
      Also prevents potion effects.
    • Become target of mobs.
    • Pickup items.
      Prevent exp pickup [needs improvement].
    • Drop items.
  • Messages (Currently all configurable.):
    • Suppress join and quit messages for vanished players.
    • Send fake join and quit messages on vanish/reappear, configurable messages for players names or display-names using color codes with '&'.
    • Send players notifications about others vanishing or reappearing, with a configurable permission.
    • Remind players of being invisible, with flag to disable notification. Configurable period.
    • All chat handling is fully asynchronous, if all your plugins fully support asynchronous chat, chat will be smoother for all, especially on bigger servers.
  • Commands:
    • Flags can be set and displayed by commands, also for others.
    • Most commands are available from the console, to set or show other players state.
    • Various command shortcuts are available, but you can also define custom aliases in the confguration (since version0.4.0-DEV-9)
    • Command to replace / complement tell to allow private messages to vanished players based on permisisons or the tell flag.
  • Inventories
    • You can peek into players inventories (basically unmodifiable currently), if you trust your mods check out the plugin OpenInv.
    • You can peek into chest inventories, unless permission is given, they are unmodifiable or will just send in chat.
  • Various:
    • A classical god mode is available.
    • Vanish state and flags are saved to a file by default. Can be disabled.
    • The plugin can be operated without permisisons plugins present, you can add fake permission entries in the configuration and control if ops can use all, or if permissions are checked at all (superperms).
    • Panic settings (hidden)
      Actions to take in case of CarftBukkit or other exceptional errors (added because of occasional crashes of servers, might have an effect, might not):
      Kick involved players, all, message players, run a command, such....
  • Planned: See Page
  • Compatibility:
    • Now compatible with DisguiseCraft (SimplyVanish since 0.4.0-PRE-2)
  • Anything else? Leave a note or create a ticket !


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