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[Section under review, applies to 1.0.0 !] ยด

Built in Commands

Some commands support the use of "flags", they have an entry "(*)". See the section about flags, below.

and aliases
Vanish yourself.simplyvanish.vanish.self
vanish <player>
Vanish another player.simplyvanish.vanish.other
Reappear for yourself.simplyvanish.reappear.self
reappear <player>
Let another player reappear.simplyvanish.reappear.other
vanisht, vant, tvan
Toggle your own visibility state.See: vanish and reappear
Display or set flags for yourself,
see flags section, below.
See flags section, below.
vanflag <player>
Display or set flags for others,
see flags section, below.
See flags section, below.
Show a list of vanished players,
online and offline.
simplyvanish ...
Access to general administrative
and info commands.
(You can also display and
set flags as with vanflag.)
Various, depends on sub command.
simplyvanish flagsDisplay all available flags,
with default state.
or simplyvanish.flags.display.other
simplyvanish reloadReload the configuration.simplyvanish.reload
simplyvanish statsDisplay stats, mostly nanoseconds.simplyvanish.stats.display
simplyvanish stats resetReset stats.simplyvanish.stats.reset
simplyvanish saveForce a save of the vanished data,
should be unnecessary to ever use,
except for some special cases.
vangodSet to classical god mode, also if not vanished.simplyvanish.god.self
vangod <player>Set others to classical god mode, also if not vanished.simplyvanish.god.other
vanungodReset from god mode.simplyvanish.ungod.self
vanungod <player>Reset others from god mode.simplyvanish.ungod.other
vantell <player> <message>Like /tell, but respects tell flag and permissionssimplyvanish.cmd.vantell
Bypass with:
Or sepcifically with:
(lower case name)
vanpeek <player>Peek into a players inventory, text-based.
Given simplyvanish.inventories.peek.real, the inventory might get opened, but will probably be unmodifiable, same effect with right clicking players when vanished. For reference: will also allow to peek into chests when vanished, with simplyvanish.inventories.manipulate chest inventories can be modified.

(*) These commands support flags as additional arguments, see the flags section below!


(*) Commands like vanish, reappear, tvanish, vanflag support flags, to control features to be applied when being vanished.

Standard flags

[The flags attack, interact, chat are not available before 0.4.0-DEV-5]
Flags are added by +, - followed by the flag name or a recognized abbreviation (2 or more letters usually work).

  • "/vanish +target" to still attract mobs.
  • "/vanflag Notch +damage" To allow Notch taking damage, if he should ever connect in vanished state.
vanishedOnly shown for reference if a player is vanished or not, can not be changed by flag commands.
seeIf a player can see other vanished players, even if the permission "simplyvanish.see-all" is present.
dropBe able to drop items.
pickupBe able to pick up items. For exp currently a more or less crude workaround is used, for it can't be controlled well.
damageAllow to take damage.
attackAllow to attack other mobs or players.
targetAllow mobs to target or attack you at all.
interactAllow any interaction with anything else at all (Placing and destroying blocks, using buckets, interact with chests, interact with animals etc.). The most complex flag, much desired, but also more error-prone than the others.
bypassMight be used with "-interact", to still allow to interact with certain blocks such as chests or entities such as storage minecarts, blocks and entities are configurable.
chatPrevent chat.
cmdPrevent commands, which are configurable either as whitelist or as blacklist.
autoTo allow or deny auto vanish for each player individually.
pingToggle notifications about being vanished, provided the permission is given.
[See: Configuration!]
tellAllow others to use /vantell to tell private messageges, even when they can not see oyu.

All default flag states can be shown with "/simplyvanish flags", you need either "simplyvanish.flags.display.self" or "simplyvanish.flags.display.other" to be allowed to.
All default flags: -vanished -pickup -drop -damage -target -attack -interact -bypass -chat -tell -cmd +see +auto +ping -tell

The setting of flags can not change the vanished flag, that is just shown for reference.

Permissions for flags

There are two kinds of permissions for flags:
1. For display 2. for settings
Further permissions distinguish if you refer to yourself or to another player.

Display: simplyvanish.flags.display.self , simplyvanish.flags.display.other

For settings each flag has its own permission consisting of the root + ".<flagname>" , but you can also give the root permission for a general bypass.
Set: simplyvanish.flags.set.self , simplyvanish.flags.set.other ...

Flag sets

To ease some things you currently have one way to reset flags with one stitch: using the entry *clear like a flag. With *clear all flags will be reset to the default states, while you can still add flags to be set differently with the same input.

  • "/vanflag *clear" to reset all flags.
  • "/vanish modNo1 *clear -see" to vanish player "modNo1" with default flags set, but not to see other vanished players.

The necessary permissions will be checked on a per-flag basis, if one change is allowed, it will be done, while missing permissions will lead to a flag not being changed.

Custom flag sets can be configured and are addressed like *clear, the default configuration shows examples.

Permission setup

The permissions section in the configuration file shows the entries allow-ops and superperms - to use a permissions plugin, you must set superperms to true!
Allow-ops can be set to false, if you don't want ops to be able to use everything with SimplyVanish.
See: Configuration

Other Permissions

    This permission allows you to be vanished by default, when logging in, hower it needs to be enabled in the configuration: Configuration
  • ... to be added: notifications about others vanishing or hiding.

Inventory permisisons

See inventories at all (either as text or real):

Seeing the real inventory: simplyvanish.inventories.peek.real

Modifying inventories while vanished: simplyvanish.inventories.manipulate

(The upper two will not allow manipulating players inventories, for that task better use the OpenInv plugin!)

Fake permissions

To allow fine grained control even without any permissions plugin installed, SimplyVanish allows to give players permissions in the configuration. This is not recommended for users that have a permissions plugin, unless you need it for quick testing, or you know what you are doing when scattering permissions along many places.
There will be example entries added to the configuration by default or on "/simplyvanish reload" if the configuration flag "extended-configuration" is set to true.
See: Configuration

Custom Comand Aliases

You can define command aliases in the configuration of SimplyVanish. These allow for your preferred shortcuts, but be aware that they might prevent other plugins handling the command, if another plugin should have a command by that name registered.
There will be lists added in the configuration by default or on "/simplyvanish reload" if the configuration flag "extended-configuration" is set to true.
See: Configuration


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