Muni Capabilities/War and Conflict

This is the beginning discussion of the war capabilities of Muni. While we're not there yet, war is an eventual addition to Muni so this page will track the ideas coming from the community (please feel free to comment) and the dev ideas/ accepted community ideas.

The original plan:

  • Declare different types of war on opposing towns
    • Simple battle- opens up PVP on both towns until one town surrenders at a cost (money/items) paid to the winning town.
    • Raid/Pillage- allows the aggressors to build/destroy in the defenders town, while the aggressors have public build set on their town for the duration
    • Border disputes - allows the aggressor to declare the direction in which the defender will lose a size of expansion. This allows towns to grow instead of stagnating against a neighbor's borders. This will either be expensive to declare, or cost the aggressor to lose an expansion if they lose, or both.

Please note that Muni protections are really just World Guard regions and will modify members, owners, and flags automatically. It will be difficult to track war statistics, other than player deaths.


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