Change Log

Check out the Development Roadmap for (kinda messy) notes on the current progress and future plans.

Changelog for Muni:

Alpha 0.20
21 March 2013

  • /mayor makeBorder (free after paying for town creation)
  • /mayor expand (increasing costs)
  • /deputy makePlot (fixed costs but regions limited in config file)

Alpha 0.11
26 Feb 2013
New in this version:

  • Town rankings are now computed (/town rankings)
  • Town bank now supports items (/deputy/mayor itemBank <check/withdraw/deposit> )
  • Towns save more efficiently.
  • Officers can check tax history (/deputy checkTaxes <playerName>
    • This will get more formatting and will seperate into mulitple pages in the future.
  • A few command entry bugs straightened out

Dev Notes

  • World Guard functionality is not fully added, but you can make a test region with /townadmin makeRegin <regionName>
  • Voting has been added as a skeleton


Alpha 0.1
21 Feb 2013
This is the first alpha release. It has been tested and most of the issues have been resolved. Some unfound bugs are to be expected, so testers should try to break the commands in unusual ways and report the exact commands entered.

  • New: login message gives relevant town info to players as they log in.
  • Econ wrapper now deals with item names more intelligently (and the bug was fixed)
  • Permissions added to each of the commands and were mildly tested.


PreAlpha_0.05 *Rejected by Bukkit due to a problem (fixed in Alpha0.1)
19 Feb 2013
This version has many bugfixes, mostly relating to bad parameters passed to functions and invalid use of the commands. Code is pretty close to stable, with bugfixes being mostly minor oversights

  • Commands respond and town member messaging is working well
  • Reads and writes to the SQLite database (MySQL support not yet tested)
  • Works with the economy (/town payTaxes, /mayor found)
  • Reading from the config
    • Server staff can dynamically toggle debug (/townadmin debug on|off)
    • SQL debug toggle works too (/townadmin sqldebug on|off)
  • Town bank working for money, items to be added soon
  • Transactions logging to the database but there is not yet an in game transaction history command.
  • Commands accept extra spaces