Commands and Permissions

/Command <action> <parameter(s)>


  • list
  • info <Town Name> (Defaults to player's town if exists)
  • apply <Town Name>
  • accept (accepts your invitation from a town)
  • leave <Town Name>
  • sethome (simply records the citizen's homestead location, may be used in the future)
  • vote <ID> <yes/no>
  • signcharter <New Town Name> (Democracy Mode- the # of signatures required is in config.yml)


  • invite <Player Name>
  • accept <Player Name>
  • decline <Player Name>
  • kick <Player Name>
  • regions
  • setRegion <Region Type> (Allows the deputy to make a pre-sized region with special flags)
  • @setTax <Flat tax rate > (Can be bounded by admins in config)
  • @pushBorder (Expands the town border in the direction deputy is facing for a cost)
    (@) Special permission nodes required for deputies to use these commands.


  • bank (withdraw/deposit)
  • deputize <Player Name>
  • resign <Successor Name> (Democracy: Has to be approved by the citizens by automatic vote)
  • rankup
  • (((all the deputy commands can be ran as mayor)))

/muni (previously /townAdmin until the Alpha v0.20b release)

  • addTown
  • removeTown
  • addCitizen
  • removeCitizen
  • setTax
  • checkbal
  • deputize
  • list
  • save
  • reload


  • Admins: muni.admin - Allows admins to override town settings such as tax rate, and add or delete towns without the Democracy or Dictatorship modes.
  • Join a town:
  • Earn the right of deputy: muni.deputy
  • Permission to found a town or become mayor: muni.mayor
  • muni.townadmin
  • muni.mayor.remove (for mayors to be allowed to delete their own towns)
  • muni.deputy.changetax
  • muni.deputy.pushborder
    • It is safe to just give everyone the muni.mayor permission**


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