Muni Capabilities/Town Regions

The Idea:
You pay the fee (money and items) to start your town. You gain an initial “town border” which is a World Guard region of size 20x20xVert. The town creation command should be called at the town's center. The Mayors can purchase increasingly expensive region expansions, which push the border on one side by 10 blocks (or so.) Within the town borders, the Deputies can make special regions (Hospital, Restaurant) as allowed by their current rank privileges. Deputies may also adjust taxes (perhaps this will be a choice between Deputies and Mayors in the config)

The Mayor can buy town rank ups which allow for more special regions and perhaps they gain some external permissions that were hard-coded by the server admin for that specific rank.

For the Citizens, Muni will allow them a safe place to live and build rights around town, the ability to check the town bank balance, pay taxes, and give the mayor a vote of no-confidence (eventually.)

Town Rank Ups
As towns grow, they will need to rank up to gain more special regions and abilities. This will be configurable by the server admin:

  • Number of Hospitals, Restaurants, and PVP arenas that can be made
  • May include a location-based ticket system so the server staff can check builds as per their requirements for rank up
    • Basically the mayor says, this (type of) build is ready, please look at it
      • Town Hall
      • Town Farm
      • Mining areas (Mine Reset Lite)
      • Town Animal Ranch
      • Market Area (Giant Shop Location)
      • Stargate Location
      • Public apartments (maybe)
      • Arena
  • May include a staff check off system so rankups won't complete until OK'd by the server staff
  • Requirements for number of citizens
  • Automatically give mayors/deputies permissions at certain ranks
    • For example: moderation perms for a town chat channel
    • Another example: World Edit selection perms (at a town rank when arenas need to be made)

Town Borders - World Guard Region

  • Give an initial border size
    • centered on the player’s location at time of command
    • 20x20xVert
  • Buy expansions to the border for increasingly higher costs
    • configurable
    • expand one side at a time by 10 blocks
    • limited number of expansions per rank

Town Special Regions

  • Make a 5x5x10 World Guard Region centered at player location
    • Sets the town region as the parent
    • Sets World Guard flags automatically
      • Restaurants
      • Hospitals
      • Camp / War Base
      • Jails (build rights for only the Mayor and Deputies)
      • PVP Arenas - will require special expansion capability to fit arenas
  • (Future)Dynmap Marker flags automatically set at special regions


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