If commands are too long to type or you have an role play server, you can also jail people by left clicking on them with a stick (or another item of your choice). Configuration:



Setting that toggles JailStick feature


This setting defines parameters for your "sticks". You can define multiple sticks, each with different parameters. For example, you can have red flower jailing for 10 minutes and yellow flower jailing for 20 minutes.


item id,range,time,jail name,reason

So 38,20,10,jail10,Griefer means that when you will click on someone who is 20 or less blocks far from you with red flower, it will jail him for 10 minutes to jail jail10 with reason Griefer. You may also leave jail name blank, so plugin will automatically pick nearest jail (38,20,10,,Griefer)

To add multiple properties, simply add multiple entries and separate them by semicolon (;). For example:


Associated Permissions


This permission allows someone to jail wich specific item, where X is id of item. For example if someone have permission `jail.usejailstick37`, he will be able to jail people with yellow flower.


If you want to jail someone with an item, he must have this permission. Usually, you would want to give everyone this permission, but it's useful for example when you have role play server and want policeman to only jail robbers and not anybody else.


This permission allows someone to toggle JailStick mode for themselves. If this is not done, JailStick mode will be disabled and the player will not be able to jail someone using JailStick