To make Jail less boring, you can enable guards! Plugin will spawn random mobs from your guard types setting and those will kill player to prevent escaping.

You can use them as protection (kill player if he escape) or as a role play element (when player kills all the guards, he is free).

Guard Settings


Name of mobs that will be spawned when prisoner escapes. You can get valid list of names here (Look for red names in brackets). Not all mobs work (Most peaceful mobs and some aggressive won't work. Test to see which one do).


Basic setting that will define how much life your guard have. 1 health unit means half heart (so 8 health units mean 4 hearts of health). Maximum health of the guard is 8.


8 health points ot enough? Give guards some armor. Armor will absorb damage done to the guard. For example if guard with at least 6 health have receives 10 damage, he would be killed. But if he would have armor at, for example, 50%, his armor will abosrb 50% damage, that is 5 damage and guard will still be alive after that hit.


Basic setting that will define how much damage your guard deals at one hit. 1 health unit means half heart (so 10 health units mean 5 hearts of health). Keep in mind that you usually want to have pack of guards to make it more interesting and multiple wolves means way more damage, so don't set it too high or wolves will kill player before he manages to even react.


Basic setting that will define how many guards will spawn when player attempts to leave jail


If you enable this, your guards will not take any damage and be unkillable. Handy if you want to make sure that player won't stay near lava, so guards wpuld keep respawning into lava.


If you have inventory storage turned on, it means that player will usually have no armor. So even if you set damage to 1, pack of wolves can easily overrun player. That's why there is attack speed modifier. Using this you can lower wolf attack speed and additionally tweak damage. For example when this is on 50, wolf attack speed will be 50% of the normal, so he will deal less damage. You cannot use that to increase attack speed above 100%.


We could also call this setting RPGModeToggle. Anyway, when you set that to true, wolves will respawn infinitely. So when you kill a wolf, a new wolf will instantly spawn, creating endless stream of guards that cannot be overrun. But when this setting is on false, guards won't respawn. So if prisoner (or his friends) kill all guards, he is free to go.


If player manages to teleport, his guards will teleport back to him. This settings defines, how many blocks must be between guards and players that they teleport. Use 0 to disable guard teleportation.