Jailed again? Wait, maybe your wallet can help you!

JailPay allows prisoners to pay some cash to get out of the jail earlier or even (in case of infinite jail) to get out of the jail when normally they could not.


/jailpay (amount) (player)

JailPay command have 3 uses:

  • When typing without any parameters, it will tell prisoner, how much money he needs to be fully released
  • When using only first parameter, you will pay amount of money specified by you. You don't have to pay full amount of money (for example you can only pay for 5 minutes and your time will be only lowered by 5 minutes).
  • When using second parameter, you can define for which player you will pay. So for example you can pay money for somebody else to get out of jail.



Enable/Disable paying system


How much money will be taken per minute of jail time? For example if this setting is set to 10 and someone still have 15 minutes to go, he will have to pay 15 * 10 = 150 money. If you don't want prisoners to lower their time with money, set this to 0.


How much money will prisoner need to pay if he is jailed forever? Set to 0 to prevent prisoners from getting out of infinite jail by paying.


In which item is prisoner paying. Use 0 to use money from economy plugin. You need Vault to connect to economy plugin.