config.yml and jails.yml

There are two config files in jail: config.yml and jails.yml. First one contains global options, which are applied to all jails that do not have their own option.

jails.yml contains per-jail settings. That means that every setting here will be bound to specific jail. For example:

        EnableBlockDestroyProtection: false
    StoreInventory: false

Above example will disable block destroy protection and inventory storage in jail named "MyJail". Every other setting will read from global config, since It's not specified here.

Protection settings

see Protections.

Guards settings

see Guards

JailStick settings

see JailStick

JailPay settings

see JailPay

MySQL Settings


Should jail data be saved in MySQL? If false, SQLite will be used.


MySQL connection string (only needed when using MySQL)


Username for MySQL database (only needed when using MySQL)


Password for MySQL database (only needed when using MySQL)

Miscellaneous settings


Tool that is used for selecting jail. Default is wooden sword.


Here you can specify commands that will be executed when jailing someone. For example you can make him deop when he is jailed or stuff like that.

These commands will be run as console. Unfortunately, many plugins does not support commands from console, so test it first (just type command into server console to see the result).

You can specify multiple commands, separate them by semicolon (;) and don't use beginning slash! (for example: `deop <Player>;slap <Player>`). You can use Prisoner tags in this setting.


Same as above, except that commands will be execute when player is released, not when he is jailed.


Should prisoner's inventory be deleted when he is jailed?


When prisoner is jailed, should he be muted by default?


When you want to specify reason, but not jail, you still have to type in jail name, because jail command works that way. But instead of jail, you can specify "nearest jail code", which will automatically select nearest jail. By default this is, `nearest`, but if you have jail with that name, here is option to change it.


Shoud prisoner inventory be stored when he get jailed and then returned when he gets released?


This setting determines, what will say on cell sign. Define 4 lines, separated by [NEWLINE]. You can use Prisoner tags in this setting.

Each line of sign can only hold up to 15 characters so make sure that there is not too much text in it.


If you are using teleport as movement protection action, plugin will simply prevent player from moving outside (he will stay inside even if holding movement keys). By setting this to true, you will activate old behavior which always teleports prisoner to teleport point of the jail when he tries to escape.


By default, prisoners cannot open their chests, since that would kinda ruin the purpose of inventory storage (prevent prisoners from using their items in jail). But if you have role play server, your prisoners are supposed to escape. And when they escape, they don't get their items back. So you can turn this setting on to let prisoners open their own chests and grab their items. Prisoners still need `jail.openchest` permissions to open chests.


By default, prisoners will be released to the release point of the jail. But if you enable this setting, prisoners will be jailed to point, where he was jailed from. For example if prisoner was in his house when you jailed him, he will be teleported back to his house after releasing.


This setting will enable ignoring sleeping state of prisoners. That means that if everyone else on the server is sleeping, night will turn into day even if prisoners are not sleeping. Use this to prevent prisoners from annoying other players by preventing them from changing night to day.


Should we teleport prisoner after he is released? Disable this option if you want to use your own teleportation method after release.


Enables debug mode that will output additional information that might help resolve issues to debug.log inside Jail folder.


When you jail prisoner without specifying time, this time will be used.


Maximum length for a reason. Enter 15 to make sure reason will always fit to a sign. 250 is maximum.


Enabling this will make Jail use Bukkit Scheduler instead of Java timer. This can be helpful if you are having problems like prisoner's time not counting down. However, this relies on speed of the server. So if your server is running slower than full speed, counting down will also be slower.


Setting this to false will stop the plugin from logging each time the player is jailed. The logging system allows you to see if a player has been jailed before, by who, how long for, and why.