Jail currently supports practically any permissions plugin through Vault or alternatively any plugin that supports SuperPerms.

Admin PermissionsDescription
jail.command.jailcreateAllows player/rank to create a new jail
jail.command.jailcreatecellsAllows player/rank to create a new cell within a jail
jail.command.jaildeleteAllows a player/rank to delete a preexisting jail
jail.command.jaildeletecellsAllows a player/rank to delete a preexisting cell within a jail
jail.command.jailAllows a player/rank to jail another player
jail.command.unjailAllows a player/rank to release another player
jail.command.jailtransferAllows a player/rank to transfer a prisoner from one jail/cell to another
jail.command.jailtransferallAllows a player/rank to transfer all prisoners from one jail/cell to another
jail.command.jailcheckAllows a player/rank to check which players are jailed
jail.command.jailteleinAllows a player/rank to teleport themselves into a jail
jail.command.jailteleoutAllows a player/rank to teleport themselves out of a jail
jail.command.jaillistAllows a player/rank to list all jails
jail.command.jaillistcellsAllows a player/rank to list all cells within a jail
jail.command.unjailforceCAUTION Allows a player/rank to forcibly remove a player from the jail, not returning his inventory or telelporting him out of the jail
jail.command.jailclearCAUTION Allows a player/rank to unjail all prisoners properly from a jail or all jails
jail.command.jailclearforceCAUTION Allows a player/rank to forcibly unjail all prisoners, not returning any inventory or teleporting anyone out of the jail
jail.command.jailmuteAllows a player/rank to mute and unmute a prisoner
jail.command.jailstopAllows a player/rank to stop the creation of a jail
jail.command.handcuffAllows a player/rank to handcuff and unhandcuff another player
jail.command.jailrecordAllows a player/rank to view the jail record of a prisoner
jail.cantbejailedPrevents a player/rank from being able to be jailed
User PermissionDescription
jail.usercmd.jailstickAllows player/rank to use the jailstick to jail a player
jail.usercmd.jailstatusAllows player/rank to check the status of a prisoner
jail.usercmd.jailpayAllows player/rank to pay their way out of jail
jail.usercmd.jailversionAllows player/rank to check the version of the Jail plugin
jail.usercmd.jailvoteAllows player/rank to use jailvote
jail.usercmd.jailvote.playerAllows player/rank to use jailvote
jail.usercmd.jailvote.immunePrevents player/rank from being the subject of a jail vote
Special permissionsDescription
jail.modifyjailAllows player/rank to modify jail without triggering protection. This ability is turned off when you are jailed, so you can test if protection really works. If you don't have a permissions plugin, ops will automatically possess this ability.
jail.usejailstick.XAllows player/rank to use specific jailstick items, where "X" is the item id of the item. ie: jail.usejailstick.50 will allow you to jail with a torch. Item must be defined in the JailStickParemeters inside the config file first.
jail.canbestickjailedPermission that someone needs to be jailed via item. Use for example when you want to restrict policeman to only jail robbers and not other people.
jail.openchestAllows player/rank to open his own chest within a cell with a chest assigned to it. CanPrisonerOpenHisChest must also be true in the config file.