I will no longer be supporting this plugin. I can't find the time or motivation and I have moved on to Sponge for my personal servers. If anyone is interested in forking this, go right ahead and I will link to your project.


Thanks to everyone who reported a bug or donated their time or cryptocurrency.


Introducing HyperMerchant

HyperMerchant is a shopmenu GUI and NPC shopkeeper plugin for HyperConomy shops.
HyperConomy is the premier fully dynamic minecraft shop plugin. It is loaded with super unique features and is the perfect shop/economy plugin for RP, Faction, Freeplay, Towny, and Hybrid servers; Or any other server that is in need of a superb economy or shop plugin.

HyperConomy is most likely compatible with whatever economy plugin you are already using; And if you don't have an economy plugin already, HyperConomy has one built in.

So what is a fully dynamic shop plugin? It means that prices change automatically based on what your players buy and sell, much like they would in a real economy. This functionality can be disabled if you want prices to remain the same. Check out HyperConomy now.

HyperMerchant simmers alongside and together they become a super sauce, packed with vitamin awesome!

To get started, download the correct versions of each program. Details can be found in the compatibility guide.

Follow the links below to learn more about configuring and using HyperMerchant.

Commands and Permissions
Menu Buttons
How To

HyperMerchant Features


Coming soon in version 1.58

Language support. Currently available in the latest development build.


  • Simple to use Inventory-style shop menus.
    There are helpful tooltips in the shop menu to guide new players.
    Purchase 1, 8, or a full stack of items in a single click.
    To sell items, simply drag them from your inventory window to the shop window.

  • Management Menu for player shops. Players can use /mmenu while staning in their shop, or shift+click their shopkeeper NPC.

  • NPC's are not required, you can enjoy the shop interface with /shopmenu and /remotemenu commands.

  • Assign many NPC's around your world to the same shop.

  • Convenient commands to quickly set NPC greetings, farewells, offduty, and service denial messages.

  • NPCs can be toggled to offduty mode to temporarily close shops.

  • Players who own a player shop can be "clicked on" to open their shop menu.

  • Player shop owners can toggle themselves "/onduty" and you can limit them to only being "open" while inside their shop.*

  • Your players can /hire their own NPC shopkeepers (clerks) for a configurable "comission percentage".

  • You can set up NPCs who are ready to be hired by a player to work in that player's shop.

  • You can set up shops to be rented by players with NPC shopkeepers included.

  • Configure the Interface Icons in the shopmenu gui by editing "menubuttons.yml".

  • Sort menu by name, material, sell price, buy price, or stock amount. (donated for by hellphish)

  • Hide items with zero stock. (donated for by hellphish)



See the compatibility page for a breakdown of Bukkit + HyperConomy + HyperMerchant + Citizens matchups.

HyperMerchant is compatible with Java 6.
You must have Citizens2 installed to use NPC shopkeepers. You do not need Citizens if you only want to use the shop menus.


Development Builds and Source Code

Development builds are available at the continous integration server.
Development builds have not been verified safe by Bukkit staff. Use at your own risk.

Get the source for HyperMerchant on github.



I now accept donations in cryptocurrency. If you message me I will happily honor you as a donor on this page.





Also, you can direct your players to this video on how to shop in HyperConomy shops via HyperMerchant menus or HyperConomy commands:

Shopping Tutorial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ck4gr-QrjG8

Video is courtesy of JacksmackDave. Thank you!


Special Thanks

Thanks to Tux2 for getting me started with this bukkit plugin tutorial.
Thanks to nisovin for sharing his menu code in this forum post.
And especially thanks to RegalOwl for developing the featurefilled HyperConomy plugin. It is the machine and HyperMerchant is just an interface built upon it.
Much credit also goes to the developers of Citizens, whose plugin provides all the npc interaction.

Reporting Bugs

If you are having a problem, there is a good chance it has never been reported yet. If I don't hear about the bug, I probably won't ever know about the bug, because I don't run a populated server to test out every feature of HyperMerchant.
Please take the time to report any issue, it will be a help to the community and your own server. I usually check this page each day. Thanks! =)


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