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Importing from other logging plugins

If you are moving to HawkEye from another logging plugin you are probably going to want to import your old data across. To aid you in this process I have created several SQL scripts. These are NOT guaranteed to work 100% perfectly - I have tested them as much as I can but since I didn't make the plugins it is impossible for me to see every single possibility.

  • BigBrother - bigbrother.sql - Functions very well, imports a large amount of data. Definitely does not import chest transactions or liquid flow.
  • LogBlock - logblock.sql - Due to the LogBlock scheme it is very hard to convert all data to HawkEye. Currently only 3 or 4 actions can be imported.

You can run these scripts in anything that allows you to execute SQL on your server e.g. phpMyAdmin. Make sure you change all table names in your script to match your actual table layout - the defaults for each plugin are included.

Upgrading from DataLog

The upgrade process from DataLog is seamless. Follow these steps:

  1. Download the latest HawkEye.jar
  2. Shut down your server
  3. Place the .jar in your plugin folder. DO NOT REMOVE DATALOG!
  4. Start up your server. HawkEye should import the old config file from DataLog
  5. Shut the server down again and delete DataLog.jar
  6. Update the web interface

Please note: the blacklist rules are now in a separate plugin, Commandments: http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/sec-admn-commandments-v1-0-0-moses-got-nothing-on-these-commandments-1000.31630/


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