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MySQL and Web Server

HawkEye requires a MySQL database to store information in and optionally a Web Server if you wish to use the web interface. Most people's servers will have fall under one of these three categories:

  1. Hosted on your own PC/at home
  2. Hosted by a Minecraft server company
  3. Hosted on a VPS/dedi

Hosted on your own PC

If you host your Minecraft server at home, it is very easy to get a MySQL and Web Server installation all in one piece. There are several pieces of software that install MySQL, Apache and PHP all in one go for you, I recommend these:

All the information for installing and using them is available on the websites.

Hosted by a Minecraft server company

Most 'proper' Minecraft server companies understand that some plugins need database access. You should be able to ask them (by email or support ticket) for a database for your server. Very few of them supply Web Servers, however. When you ask them for database access make sure that you can access the database from outside of the server (i.e. not just localhost).

If your host cannot provide you with a database, you can use a remote database on your home pc (see section above) or buy some web hosting with a MySQL database. Most free web hosting companies will not allow external database connecting. f you already have web hosting/your own web server, you are sorted in terms of hosting the interface. However if you havent, you can either buy web hosting, host your own web server at home (see section above) or there are numerous free web hosting companies out there. I recommend - PLEASE NOTE: 000webhost does not allow external MySQL connections!

Hosted on a VPS/dedi

The chances are if you already own a VPS or dedi, you already have or know how to install an Apache, MySQL and PHP setup. If you don't, Googling with your OS name and 'apache mysql php' is your best bet on finding out how to install an AMP setup.


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