HawkEye is the ultimate tool for hunting down rule breakers and keeping track of what goes down on your server. It gives you the ability to log changes, search through them, roll edits back and much, much more.

What makes HawkEye different?

As most people are aware there are already two perfectly good logging plugins out there - BigBrother and LogBlock. These plugins are fine, but they haven't changed an awful lot since their first steps in the days of hMod. It is high time for a new plugin that takes inspiration from existing plugins and combines it with a host of new features to create the perfect anti-grief and logging tool out there.

So what are these 'unique features'?

  • Logging of over 30 different actions
  • Rollback commands with simple-to-use parameters
  • Advanced interactive web interface for viewing logs
  • Rollback previews - have the rollback only appear to you at first
  • WorldEdit selection rollbacks - rollback everything in your WE selection
  • Configurable search tool to quickly see edits on single blocks
  • API so other plugins can interact with the HawkEye database

I don't want to lose my existing data!?

No problem! Simply use one of the import scripts I have created. See this wiki page for more details: Importing from other logging plugins

What do I need?

  • Recent version of CraftBukkit
  • MySQL Database (preferrably on the Minecraft server)
  • (Optional) Web Server (preferrably on the Minecraft server)

Installation and Configuration?

  1. MySQL and Web Server
  2. Installation
  3. Configuration
  4. Permissions

Got any more information?

  1. Dev Builds
  2. Usage
  3. Importing from other logging plugins
  4. What does it log?
  5. API for other plugins
  6. Screenshots
  7. Language Packs
  8. JavaDoc

I can't set it up! I can't use the commands

Go over the links above again. If you still can't do it, go to the forums: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/hawkeye/forum/ and make a new thread in the right section

I enjoy bagels and can't remember commands?

One of the mods on my server made a 'cheat sheet' just for people like you! Give this to your derp moderators so they won't keep bugging you about how the commands work:

Cheat Sheet

How can I help you?

Making Bukkit plugins takes a lot of time, however I do it as a hobby. Because of this I don't expect any kind of donation from anyone. The best way people can help me out is by simply spreading the word about HawkEye and providing me with decent bug reports if you find issues. You can also help me by translating the web interface into other languages: Get Localization . If you would still like to make a donation to my coding-beer fund, feel free to use the following link:


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