Three systems are supported by HawkEye for permissions:

  • Any permissions plugin supported by Vault (if you have it installed)
  • PermissionsEx
  • Permissions (both v2.7 and v3.*)
  • BukkitPerms


Any of those three can use the following nodes:

hawkeye.*Access to all HawkEye commands
hawkeye.pagePermission to view different pages
hawkeye.searchPermission to search the HawkEye database\<action>Permission to view specified action. Use* to give access to all actions. Use negative permissions to deny viewing of actions e.g.
hawkeye.tptoPermission to teleport to the location of a search result
hawkeye.rollbackPermission to rollback actions
hawkeye.toolPermission to use the HawkEye tool
hawkeye.tool.bindPermission to bind parameters to the tool
hawkeye.previewPermission to preview a rollback before applying it
hawkeye.rebuildPermission to rebuild actions


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