There are 2 files to configure for HawkEye. I advise editing them all in Notepad plus plus - it has proper syntax highlighting for YAML format. When editing YAML do NOT use tabs - use spaces at all time or you will get errors.


This is located at plugins/HawkEye/config.yml. This file is used to control how and what HawkEye logs.

        max-lines: 0         #Maximum number of lines in a single result - leave as 0 for no limit
        give-user-tool: true   # Whether or not to spawn the user a tool
        tool-block: 17       #Block to be used for the /he tool
        log-item-drops-on-death: false       #When a player dies, log the items they drop 
        cleanse-age: '0'       #Max-age of records in the database in the format '5w8d2h9m4s. Set to '0' to turn this feature off. w = week, d = day, h = hour, m = minute, s = second
        cleanse-period: '10m'      #How often old records are deleted from the database
        delete-data-on-rollback: false        #Delete data from the database when it is rolled back
        log-ip-addresses: true        #Log IP addresses in join/quit events or not
        debug: false        #Turn this on if you are getting MySQL issues and then report the output
        max-radius: 0       #Maximum radius allowed in search and rollback commands
    mysql:      #Place your MySQL server details in here
        hawkeye-table: hawkeye
        port: 3306
        player-table: hawk_players
        username: root
        world-table: hawk_worlds
        hostname: localhost
        max-connections: 10         #Do not change unless you have 'too many connection' sql errors
        password: ''
        database: minecraft
    block-filter:        #Blocks in this list will not be logged in block-break and block-place events
    - 33
    - 34
    command-filter:        #Place commands in this section to stop DataLog from logging them
    - /login
    - /restartsrv
    - /register
    log:         #Edit these values to false if you do not wish to log them
        lava-bucket: true
        other: true
        pvp-death: true
        block-fade: true
        chat: true
        quit: true
        sign-place: true
        lava-flow: true
        flint-steel: true
        button: true
        command: true
        block-form: true
        teleport: true
        lever: true
        item-drop: true
        water-bucket: true
        block-burn: true
        block-break: true
        leaf-decay: true
        water-flow: true
        join: true
        door-interact: true
        block-place: true
        open-container: true
        item-pickup: true
        explosion: true
        container-transaction: true
        mob-death: true
        other-death: true
    version: 1.0.0


This is one of the php files you upload to your web server. You need to edit the variables with your MySQL details and a password for the web app if you desire:

	$config = array(
		//Enter your MySQL database information
		//Do not change 'dbTable'
		"dbHost"  => "localhost",
		"dbDbase" => "minecraft",
		"dbUser"  => "root",
		"dbPass"  => "",
		"dbTable" => "hawkeye",
		"dbPlayerTable" => "hawk_players",
		"dbWorldTable" => "hawk_worlds",
		//Set this to the password you want people to have to use to access the interface
		//Leave blank for no password
		"password" => "",
		//Default radius to search for if user supplies a location
		"radius" => 30,
		//Limit the maximum number of results that can be returned. Do not use quotes
		//Set to 0 for no limit
		"maxResults" => 0,
		//Language pack - default is english.php
		//You can create your own based off the english.php file,
		//then change the name below to your language file name
		"langFile" => "english.php",
		//Log queries to log.txt
		//Useful to keep track of who is querying what
		"logQueries" => true


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