So here we go with the list of available options:

x/y/z: x/y/z coordinates. Example input: 403
x2/y2/z2: x/y/z coordinates to expand an area
world: name of a world. Example input: test_world
cooldown: time until a trigger or event can be fired again in seconds. Example input: 60
delay: time until an event or trigger gets executed in seconds. Example input: 2
amount: the amount of an item or mobs to spawn/remove/etc. Example input: 10
scope: the scope where the event should be executed. Valid inputs: single, all, party, interactor
duration: duration time of a potion in seconds. Example input: 50
mob_id: name or id of a monster. Example input: Spider
item_id: name of id of an item. Example input: Dirt
block_id: name or id of a block. Example input: Grass
npc_id: id or the name of a npc. Example input: 3 or Notch
dungeon_id: id or name of a dungeon. Example input: 1 or Test_Dungeon
chapter_id: id of a chapter. Example input: 2
objective_id: id of a objective. Example input: 5
dialog_id: id of a dialog. Example input: 4
on_failure: id of an event when this event fails (e.g. doesn't have item that should be removed). Example input: 6
on_success: id of an event when this event succeeded. Example input: 20
warp_on_end: players should warped back to their original position, or not. Valid input: true or false
give_items: gives original items back to the players or not. Valid input: true or false
damage: damage value of an item. Example input: 15
target: type of a entity to target. Valid inputs: enemy or player
send_to: to whom the message should be sent. Valid inputs: -see scope-
message: message text that should be send. Example input: this is a message
permission: permission that is needed to see the message. Example input: permission node.*
potiontype: type of a potion. Example input: slowness
amplifier: amplifier of a potion. Example input: 2


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