If you've read the Trigger page already, you'd notice that these triggers do things using 'Events' and that's actually what events do: let things happen on the server. Spawn mobs, change blocks, warp players and a lot more is possible using events. As with triggers, you can set options to customize the events to your liking.
So here's a list of all (currently) available events:

  • Player warping
  • Give item to player
  • Remove item from player
  • Spawn item on the ground
  • NPC spawning
  • NPC despawning
  • NPC dialog
  • NPC attack
  • NPC movement
  • Message broadcasting
  • Player messaging
  • Block changing
  • Dungeon registering
  • Dungeon starting
  • Dungeon ending
  • Dungeon chapter change
  • Dungeon objective change
    If you're missing a possible event type, feel free to let me know :)


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