Here we have the standard config:

opt-out: false
guid: bc159dec-e08c-4093-87ff-7153e6154593
  host: localhost
  port: 3306
  database: eob_plugin
  user: root
  pass: ''
  rev: 4
update-notice: false
update-notice-interval: 10
verbose-start: false
- world

You don't have to worry about neither 'opt-out' nor 'guid'. Those are only used internally.
For the db section, please take a look here:
If you set 'update-notice' to true, you'll be noticed when a new version is available in the interval specified in 'update-notice-interval', which is in seconds.
'verbose-start' gives more output about what got loaded and other information that you might not need. If you want you can turn it on, or just leave it off.
In 'enabled-worlds' you can specify the name of the worlds which should be enabled for dragons lair to use. Only inside these worlds, triggers can be called. NPCs and events can still be executed inside these world.
More info about Events:

and triggers:


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