Setting up the database

Dragons Lair uses a MySQL database for a persistant storage. There's currently no other storage type available, maybe SQLite will follow later if enough people request it.

However, lets get started!

What you need:
- MySQL server, obviously
- database, doesn't need to be a fresh one
- access info

When you first startup Dragons Lair, a config file will be created inside the plugins folder. Now, if you open up that config file, you'll find this info:

    host: localhost
    port: 3306
    database: dragonslair
    user: root
    pass: ''
    rev: 0

host: The ip of the mysql server. If it's running on the same machine as the minecraft server, you don't need to change anything here. Otherwise replace it with the ip of the mysql server.
port: The port of the mysql server. If you haven't changed it, you don't need to change this either. Otherwise change it to the correct port.
database: This is the database name for the plugin to use. You'll need to create it yourself as it's not possible from within the plugin. Change this to the name of the database the plugin should use for storage.
user: The username the plugin can use to access the database.
pass: The password for the username provided.
rev: You don't need to change that.

If you've set everything up correctly, it should create all the tables for you. When it's still not able to connect to the database, please check the information provided again.


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