So, you might be asking 'What the fuck are triggers?', but it's actually pretty simple. Those triggers listen on things that happen on the server, e.g. player 'Ted' decides to break a block. If you've now added a trigger to listen on that, you can set the trigger to do something using 'Events' . You can, of cause, define options to either do or not do the event(s).

There are different types of triggers available:

  • Block place
  • Block break
  • Block interact
  • Movement
  • NPC toughing
  • NPC interacting
  • NPC damaging
  • NPC death
  • Gathering of an item
  • Dialog occurring
  • Dungeon chapter changing
  • Dungeon objective changing
  • Killing of mobs
    If you're missing a possible type, feel free to request one :)


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