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At the "RankUp"s there are two lists with items: ItemsNeeded and GiveItems.

The lists look like this:

      - WOOL:64
      - GLASS:64
      - OBSIDIAN:10

The structure of every line of a item list is the same: <item name>:<amount>.

You don't know all the names of the items? You can find a list here: Link.

Uhm... but I want to create colored wool or items with enchantments!

This is possible aswell. A line can look like this:

  1. <item name>:<amount>
  2. <item name>:<amount>:<durability>
  3. <item name>:<amount>:<enchantment name>:<enchantment level>
  4. <item name>:<amount>:<durability>:<enchantment name>:<enchantment level>

What's durability?

Well durability has different features. At items and tools or armor it is the damage. But at other items (like wool) the durability is a subcode. It defines the subtype. For example at wool, the durability defines the color.

Could you send me a list of the names of the enchantments?

Sure: Link

Here is a list of examples:

  1. DIRT:10
  2. WOOL:1:4
  1. 10 dirt blocks
  2. 1 yellow wool
  3. 1 diamondsword with the enchantment knockback level 2
  4. 1 damaged gold sword with the enchantment sharpness level 3


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