Advanced Setup Guide & Permissions Guide


For every "RankUp" a player needs the permission CommandRank.RankUp.<name of rankup>. Also players need permissions to trigger the "RankUp" (for example with signs: CommandRank.useSign).

Setup examples

Promotion with signs

To allow players to use signs you need the permission "CommandRank.useSign". Now they can click signs to trigger "RankUp"s. Also the players need the permission "CommandRank.RankUp.<name of rankup>" to perform a "RankUp".

Promotion with kills

First of all you should enable kills here:

    enabled: true
    scheduletime: 600
    enabled: true
    - 10:prisoner

Now you should edit the kill-list. It's default looks like this:

    - 10:prisoner

Make sure to put the "RankUp"s with the most kills at the top:

    - 100:king
    - 50:general
    - 10:warrior

CommandRank will create a loop through this list. It will check the kills of every player (except players with the permission "CommandRank.exclude" or ""). When it detects that a player has reached the amount of kills it tries to perform the promotion. If a player has the permission "CommandRank.isGroup.<name of rankup>" it will cancel the promotion. Also the players need the permission "CommandRank.RankUp.<name of rankup>" to execute the "RankUp".

Your players probably like to be able to check their kills so you should give them the permission "CommandRank.UserCommand" to allow them to use /cr kills.

So we got this permissions:

  • CommandRank.UserCommand | To use /cr kills
  • CommandRank.RankUp.<name of rankup> | To perform the promotion
  • CommandRank.isGroup.<name of rankup> | To prevent getting this promotion (again).

Promotion with password

To allow players to use the password command you need the permission "CommandRank.Password". Now they can use the command. Also the players need the permission "CommandRank.RankUp.<name of rankup>" to perform a "RankUp".

Exclude players

If you want to exclude a player of all the promotes just give him "CommandRank.exclude.*".

Also you can exclude players of different types of promotions with:

  • | Excludes from auto-rankup
  • CommandRank.exclude.command | Excludes from commands like /acceptrules, /rankup, /password
  • CommandRank.exclude.sign | Prevents a player from using a sign

Players with the CommandRank.isGroup.<name of rankup> are excluded from auto-rankups to <rankup>.


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