CommandRank.*: Gives access to all CommandRank permissions except CommandRank.exclude.

CommandRank.Admin: Allows you to use the CommandRank admin commands.

  • CommandRank.Reload: Allows you to reload the config.
  • CommandRank.createSign: Allows the creation of a RankUp sign.

CommandRank.User: Allows you to use all of the CommandRank user commands.

  • CommandRank.useSign: Allows the use of the default RankUp sign.
  • CommandRank.getRank: Allows RankUp with the /acceptrules command
  • CommandRank.Kill.*: Gives the four permissions below.
    • CommandRank.Kill.Killer: With this permission the plugin will notice when you kill somebody with the node CommandRank.Kill.Victim.
    • CommandRank.Kill.Victim: With this permission the plugin will notice when you were killed by somebody with the node CommandRank.Kill.Killer.
    • CommandRank.Kill.List: Allows you to list your kills with /Crkills.
    • CommandRank.Kill.ShowKD: With this permission the /crkills command will show your kills/deaths.
  • CommandRank.SignRank.*: Gives access to the three SignRank examples.
    • CommandRank.SignRank.Prisoner: Allows to use the prisoner RankUp sign.
    • CommandRank.SignRank.Builder: Allows to use the builder RankUp sign.
    • CommandRank.SignRank.Admin: Allows to use the admin RankUp sign.
  • CommandRank.StoreTime: With this node, the plugin will store your onlineTime.
  • CommandRank.Time: Allows you to see your onlineTime.
  • CommandRank.AutoTimeRankUp: AutoTimeRankUp if player is new and config allows AutoTimeRankUp.
  • CommandRank.Password: Allows you to enter a password

CommandRank.exclude: Excludes the player of RankUps


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