/Calladmin [message] - Calls an admin with an optional message

/Calladmin !help - Displays the help text

/Calladmin !reload - Reloads the plugin. - Generally used to stop the plugin and start it again to change the port it is running on. Added in 1.4.0

/Calladmin !modify - Displays the modify commands

/Calladmin !modify <setting> <value> - Modifies the setting to the new value

Modify settings are as follows:

port - The port the plugin should listen on

onlinenotice - Displays a notice when an admin comes online / is online

updatenotice - Whether to check for updates or not

/Calladmin !auth add <user> <pass> <true/false> - Adds a new set of credentials to the config. The true/false is for allowing remote command processing

/Calladmin !auth modify <user> <pass> <true/false> - Modifies a users password

/Calladmin !auth remove <user> - Removes a set of credentials

/call <username> [message] - Calls an admin directly by their username

/calladmin !list - Lists all admins currently monitoring a server

/calladmin !auth list - Lists all users stored in the config file

New commands as of 1.8.0

/calladmin !auth mypass - Allows a user to change their password from in game. CallAdmin username and in game username must be the same.

Command Aliases as of 1.8.1

/CallAdmin - Can now be activated though ca and contactadmin

/Call - Can now be activated though cd and calldirect and contact

[] parameters are optional. <> parameters are required.

Previous commands for versions below 1.7.0 are located at Pages/previous-commands


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