How do I install?

Download a version from the files page. You will download a .zip file you want to extract this. Grab the CallAdmin.jar file and put this into your server’s plugin folder and start your server normally. Now grab the CallAdminGUI.jar file. This file is the remote tool. Put this on any computer you want to be able to monitor the server from. To start this just open this how you would any normal programs. Fill in the details and click connect. You should now be sorted.

Server Plugin Issues

I got an invalid port or no port specified warning on start up what do I do?

This message means that an invalid port number was set in the configuration file. To fix this change the entry under port: to a valid number in the config.yml under the CallAdmin folder in the plugin folder where the bukkit server is located.

I received an error: [CallAdmin] Failed to open listen on port:<port> followed by a lot of messages what does this mean?

This error means that an application is already using the port set in the configuration. To fix this you need to either use another port or close the program that is already using the port you want CallAdmin to run on.

Client Issues

I got an Unknown Host error what does this mean?

This message means that the tool was not able to find the address of the server. Check the simple things such as did you type the server address correctly and you are connected to the internet. If it is neither of those issues try connecting directly to an IP address rather than a hostname if this works it means your dns name for the server may be incorrectly configured. If your server is running on an IPv6 address and you do receive this error please let me know as I have been unable to test IPv6 Support so cannot guarantee it works.

I got an Unable to connect to server error what does this mean?

This message means that the tool was unable to open a connection to the plugin. To try and fix this make sure you have connected to the internet, check your firewall on the server is allowing traffic on the CallAdmin port (default: 25560) and that you have correctly forwarded this port (Test this with a site such as Ensure that the remote computer (the one the tool is running on) has CallAdmin or Java allowed in the firewall.

I receive lots of KeepAlive warnings what does this mean?

The KeepAlive system works be polling the server to ensure the plugin is still contactable around once every 30 seconds. If the network connection returns an error which usually means the message was not able to be sent to the server the plugin takes action and attempts to connect to the server again.


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