Default Config.yml


- admin,password hash,true or false

This is the username and password used by the plugin and a value to indicate if the user is allowed to run remote commands. They are separated by a comma new values are added on a new line with a hyphen space then username,password,value eg



port: (default: 25560) this is the port that the plugin will communicate on. Used in the GUI application.

onlinenotice: (default: true) this setting broadcasts a message to all players in the game when a monitor application successfully connects to the server.

updatenotice: (default: true) this indicates if the plugin should check for updates

broadcastfrom: (default: true) this toggles displaying who GUI to plugin broadcast message is from

listonline: (default: true) Global setting for allowing online admins for being listed ingame

remotecommand: (default: true) Global toggle to enable or disable commands being sent from a remote tool to the plugin.

updateAPIKey: (default: none) Allows an API key to be used when checking BukkitDev for updates

Previous config values for versions below 1.8.0 are located at Pages/previous-config-yml-values


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