Permissions - Allows a user to call for an admins assistance

calladmin.modify - Allows a user to modify the plugins settings

New permissions as of version 1.6.1

calladmin.auth.add - Allows a user to add new credentials to the plugin config

calladmin.auth.modify - Allows a user to modify credentials in the plugin config

calladmin.auth.remove - Allows a user to remove credentials from the plugin config

Permissions added as of 1.7.0

calladmin.auth.list - Allows a player to list users in the config file

calladmin.onlinelist - Allows a player to list which admins are currently monitoring a server

Permissions added as of 1.8.0

calladmin.auth.mypass - Allows a player to update a calladmin account that has the same suername as their player name. Has a default of no one.


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