Previous Commands

Command changes for previous versions of the plugin

Commands Removed as of 1.8.0

/Calladmin !modify all <port> <onlinenotice> <updatenotice> - Modifies all CallAdmin settings

Commands updated in version 1.6.1:

/Calladmin !modify <setting> <value> - Modifies the setting to the new value

/Calladmin !modify all <user> <password> <port> <onlinenotice> <updatenotice> - Modifies all CallAdmin settings

Modify settings are as follows:

user - Modifies the user for the login credentials

password - The password for the login credentials

port - The port the plugin should listen on

onlinenotice - Displays a notice when an admin comes online / is online

updatenotice - Whether to check for updates or not

Commands for versions below 1.3.0:

/calladmin [message] - Calls for an admins assistance. This command will send an alert to the GUI monitor tool.

/calladminmodify <username> <password> <port> <onlinenotice> - Modifies the configuration file to the settings provided. <username> and <password> are text values. <port> should be numbers and be a valid port number. <onlinenotice> is boolean and should be true or false only. Note: This Command does not reload the plugin settings and the plugin will continue to run using the last port it started with the server needs to be restarted to make this change.

[] parameters are optional. <> parameters are required.


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