bPermissions command list

These are the default commands in bPermissions

"/permissions save" Use save after changing permissions with commands, otherwise they'll be overwritten when you reload permissions

"/permissions reload" Do this for your permission edits to take effect

"/permissions cleanup" This cleans out all empty users groups from your files. Any user with no permissions and simply in the default group

"/permissions backup" This backs up all of your permission files!

To do any of these commands, you need the bPermissions.admin permission node.

You can shorten the "permissions" in these commands to "p", "bp", or "perm" .

There are two stages to the command structure for changing group/user meta data/permissions in bPermissions.

Stage 1: Select which object you would like to edit.

example: /world World_Awesome
example: /group Admin - this will create a group if it does not exist, or select an existing group with that name!
example: /user HerpDerp

You can also use /w, /g, /u as a replacement for /world, /group, /user

Stage 2: Change object as you wish, using this structure:


User's available actions: addgroup, rmgroup, setgroup, addperm, rmperm, meta, cmeta

Group's available actions: addgroup, rmgroup, addperm, rmperm, meta, cmeta

World's available actions: mirror (mirrorto) (mirrorfrom)

*note: Meta data's VALUE has two arguements, KEY and VALUE. See examples below.

User examples:
example: /user rmgroup Admin This removes group "Admin" from the user selected previously.
example: /user setgroup Noob This sets the user selected to group "Noob"
example: /user rmperm some.node This removes node "some.node" from selected player
example: /user meta prefix Herp This sets meta data "prefix" to "Herp" on selected player
example: /user cmeta prefix This removes the selected player's prefix

Group examples:
example: /group addgroup Member This makes the selected group inherit group "Member"
example: /group addperm a.node This adds permission node "a.node" to the selected group.
example: /group meta suffix Derp This adds suffix "Derp" to selected group.
example: /group cmeta suffix This removes the selected group's prefix

If you use an object in a command, such as /world, /user, or /group, It will give you the currently selected object,
/world, would give the output of, "Currently selected world: yourworldnamehere"

Other commands

There are are also ways of checking the prefix / suffix of a user or a group.

example: /group meta prefix displays a groups prefix
example: /user has permissions.node checks whether a user has a specified permission
example: /user list groups will list all the groups a player is in

Shorthand commands! Great for scripts!
Ever wished you could set a group globally for a player in one line? Now you can! And you don't have to worry about the order of things either ;)

To set codename_B to admin in all worlds
/exec u:codename_B a:setgroup v:admin

To add the permission "bPermissions.admin" to the admin group in world "world"
/exec g:admin a:addperm v:bPermissions.admin w:world

  • u/g: selects the user/group and provides the name
  • a: provides the action (addgroup/rmgroup/setgroup/addperm/rmperm/setprefix/setsuffix/setpriority)
  • v: provides the value (ie. WHAT you are adding/removing/setting)
  • w: provides the world (optional, leave blank to apply to all worlds)

Quick Group Setting

To set codename_B to admin in all worlds
/setgroup codename_B admin


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