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bPermissions is a little different from all the other permissions plugins, it's designed from the ground up to be easy to use and highly customisable.

bPermissions is also unique in being the only permission plugin to have a webgui available!

Don't worry!

Don't worry if you get a command wrong, bPermissions has built-in command suggestions to help you get it right!

Don't worry if you need bPermissions translated, it's easy to translate the commands via config.yml

Don't worry if you don't know how to use it yet, bPermissions is easy to learn.

Command list?

Commands are sensibly structured.


View the command list in detail here.

Lazy fingers?

bPermissions also provides "command aliases" and "command shortcuts".

command aliases
These are simple first argument shortcuts - you can use these for the /word part of the command


command shortcuts
These are shortcuts to the "global" set of commands.
Instead of /permissions global addgroup admin codename_B
You could use /addgroup admin codename_B

If you need to add/remove large amounts of groups at a time, it could be you are looking for the bPermissions promotion tracks system!

Example files?

You can generate an example world.yml by using the command /permissions helpme which will generate files dynamically based on ops.txt and the plugins you have installed.

If you wish to view example files you can find them below:





bPermissions is 100% compatible with the old Permissions 2/3 plugins, as well as being 100% compatible with the new superperms API, it's the best of all three worlds and even chat plugins work!


Prefix/suffix is acheived via permission nodes in bPermissions.


The higher the number in the middle of the permission node, the higher the "priority" of the prefix/suffix. This means that if a player has two permission nodes (prefix.0.default and prefix.100.admin for example) then their prefix will be "admin" because 100 > 0.

Promotion Tracks

Promotion tracks are designed for when you need to add/remove large amounts of groups in a single command consistently or if you want to give your moderators the ability to add groups to people without giving them full access to bPermissions commands.

The commands for this are /permissions promote playername trackname and /permissions demote playername trackname but command shortcuts are available

This can be done with /promote playername trackname and /demote playername trackname

The permission node is "bPermissions.promote.trackname" and "bPermissions.demote.trackname" - they are registered nodes so /p helpme will work with them!

Don't forget, you can view the example tracks.yml if you need some inspiration.

World Mirroring

This is for the usage case where you have multiple worlds but want to use a single file for two (or more) worlds.

World mirroring is easy to setup and very flexible in bPermissions. It simply involves adding some lines to config.yml config.yml Add these lines.

    worldtomirror: worldtomirrorfrom

Where worldtomirror is the world that you want to be mirrored (ie. the file for that world will never be created as it will instead use the file of worldtomirrorfrom).

Plugins NOT to use with this!

Permissions 2, Permissions 3, GroupManager, SuperPermsBridge, BananaPermissionsBridge

Not happy with YAML?

Other options for permissions are yaml, bml, sql and json. You can set these in config.yml in the following section.

permission-type: yaml|bml|sql|json


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