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Why choose bPermissions?

  • bPermissions is different from all the other permissions plugins, it's special in it's own way. Lightning fast, simple to use, amazing speedy support team and server friendly, the permissions plugin with everything in it.
  • bPermissions has a GUI clients specially made to make running a server so easy to use you'll start finding it different between what's easier, peeling a banana skin or using bPermissions, you won't even renember you used any other permissions plugin! Get it here: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/bpermissionswebgui/
  • bPermissions has a unique simple command structure, never seen before in any permissions manager. It's specifically made to stop typing long words and simply do small commands. Less typing, more time to work on your server and have some fun!
  • bPermissions has everything you would ever dream of having from a Permissions Manager. Prefix and suffix support, inheritance, per-player permissions, multiworld support, promotions/demotion tracks and even group priorities for multi-group setups! Does that sound hard? Well, you can do all that with a few simple commands, you can read more about that below.

How to use bPermissions

Say you have a user called 'Bob' and want to put him in the group Admin and give him a prefix called 'Awesome' in pink colour. All you have to do is: /world world /user bob /user setgroup admin /user meta prefix &dAwesome


/world world selects a world.

Usage: Do /world (world name) to select a world. By default your main default world is called 'world' so if you don't know, just try entering in world.

What it does: This command selects a world to perform the next few actions on.

/user bob

Usage: Do /user (username) to select a user.

What it does: This command selects a user to do the next few actions on.

/user setgroup admin

Usage: Do /user setgroup (group name)

What it does: This command changes a users group to the group you given. So for example /user setgroup admin would set Bob to group admin. We didn't have to write the name Bob since we've already selected it in the command we did before this one.

NOTE: You write the group name, not the group prefix.

/user meta prefix &dAwesome

Usage: Do /user meta prefix (prefix)

What it does: It sets a users prefix to what it was given in the last word, once again, we didn't have to select the user since we already selected it when we did /user Bob, whatever you write in prefix it sets it to, to use colours check the site given below, use one of the & colours to specify a colour.

Site to check colours: http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Formatting_Codes

Support & Questions

There are many ways to get support when you need help.

First of all, you can read the FAQ

We also have a IRC Channel

You can create a ticket or post it on the bPermissions forum on BukkitDev.

Sorry, but we don't offer support on the bPermissions thread @ the bukkit forums.

bPermissions Usage Node

The only node you'll need to give users to manage and modify your permissions is bPermissions.admin Be careful who you give it to, the users with that permissions can give permissions out to any group or user and manage and control your permissions.

bPermissions Commands

All the commands you'll need can be found on our Commands Page

Do /permissions helpme for bPermissions to generate some example configuration files. You can also view the examples below.

Example groups.yml

Example users.ymlit.org/paste/4544/|Example users.yml]]

Example tracks.yml

Example custom_nodes.yml

Explained config.yml

Promotion tracks

Once you've set up your permission tracks, using the help of the example configuration files, you only need one permission to node to use them:

tracks.trackname Lets anyone with that node promote people along that track, they don't need bPermissions.admin

tracks.* Lets someone with that node promote anyone along any track name

Does bPermissions work with XXX plugin?

Generally, yes! Though that plugin needs to be compatible with SuperPerms. bPermissions even has a bridge for Permissions 2 compatibility!

Importing from other Permissions Managers

To import from PEX do /permissions import pex (you must have pex installed at the time) For Permissions 3 use /permissions import p3. Full information on the FAQ

bPermissions Advanced Features

Information about bPermissions Advanced Features is on the FAQ

Shorthand Commands

Ever wished you could set players to another rank with just one command? Well now you can!

To set themadman300 to owner in all worlds /exec u:themadman300 a:setgroup v:owner

So to sum up:

u/g: selects the user/group and provides the name a: provides the action (addgroup/rmgroup/setgroup/addperm/rmperm) v: provides the value (ie. WHAT/WHO you are adding/removing/setting) w: provides the world (optional, leave blank to apply to all worlds)

Still don't get it?

Watch some of these helpful tutorials created for you by BukkitTeacher

Embed Removed: https://www.youtube.com/v/MRYNel4oX5k?fs=1

Embed Removed: https://www.youtube.com/v/3UmnCawLmzo?fs=1

Thanks for choosing bPermissions!

bPermissions - An easy to use Permissions Manager.


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