Noob Level 99

Are you a level 99 noob?

Look no further

These step by step instructions have been designed to help you get a basic bPermissions setup running on your server!

step 1

On the main page, click the "Download" button.

step 2

On the next page right click the "Download" button and choose "Save Link as..."

step 3

Save link as bpermissions.jar in your "plugins" folder

step 4

Run your server once to generate the default files.

step 5

Start your server again then type "permissions helpme" into the console and stop the server.

step 6

A default users.yml and groups.yml have been generated for you.

step 7

Edit the files until you are happy with them.

step 8

Copy the edited default files.

step 9

Paste them into your "worldname" folders to replace the empty files there.

step 10

Start your server. You now have a basic permissions setup.

step 11

In-game commands are equally easy to use.


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