Autorank v3.0


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    Apr 24, 2014
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.7.4
  • 1.7.2



This is the first official build since sept. 1, 2012


You need to delete your MySQL database and let it regenerate because the old format doesn't allow for UUIDs
It is advised to let Autorank regenerate all your config files because new config options aren't automatically added
This version of Autorank only works with CraftBukkit 1.7.2 and above

  • Changed: Internal rewrite of code that automatically checked when a player should be ranked.
  • Fixed: AFK integration wasn't working correctly.
  • Added: RoyalCommands AFK integration.
  • Added: You are now able to choose what timing plugin is used by Autorank. Right now, you have 3 options: Autorank, OnTime or Stats.
  • Fixed: McMMO sometimes returned incorrect skill level when not correctly hooked by Autorank.
  • Fixed: Stats was not hooked correctly sometimes. Issues with Stats should be fixed now.
  • Fixed: When using the hasItem requirement, blocks and items with metadata would not be correctly initialised, which caused problems when players tried to complete the result. Items like potions or blocks like different colours of wool are now properly found.
  • Fixed: Sometimes Autorank would throw errors when trying to setup MySQL even though it wasn't supposed to start.
  • Added: New option to disable advanced dependency output showing in the console at startup.
  • Fixed: Error with finding RoyalCommands dependency.
  • Changed: When Autorank couldn't find Vault at startup, it will disable itself to ensure no problems start occuring randomly.
  • Added: Autorank now uses UUIDs instead of player names because Mojang will soon allow players to change their names. All files will be converted.
  • Added: The /ar set, add and remove commands can now also take days or seconds as argument instead of only minutes.
  • Fixed: McMMO level requirement would need one level above the real level to be completed.
  • Added: A few new messages for commands.
  • Added: Autorank will now try to auto complete commands when possible. Just hit tab to try!
  • Changed: API of Autorank now uses UUIDs instead of player names. Developers should update!
  • Fixed: Leaderboard is now initialised on a different thread so the restrain on the server should be less.
  • Fixed: Before, Autorank would not respect the option to disable partial completion.
  • Fixed: Autorank didn't allow custom requirements and results to be loaded.
  • Added: New Permissions requirement. You can check whether a player has a certain permission.
  • Added: When potions were used with the hasItem requirement, it would not show what kind of potion. Autorank now shows what metadata is present for the item or block.
  • Added: You can now customise the layout of the /ar check command.

Compatibility with other plugins:

If you are using Factions, you'll need to update to the latest official release in order for it to work.

This version of Autorank supports:

Autorank only works with these builds!

Release 3.0

This is the first official version after September 2012. Before you start your server, you should remove the Autorank folder and delete your MySQL table for Autorank. The format for the database has been changed due to the necessary fixes for UUID support.