Config.yml is the main configuration file for AntiCheat. As a basic user of the plugin, this should be all you need to care about in most situations. Config.yml holds most of the general and simplified configuration details for the plugin.

Each entry in the configuration is preceded with a comment that explains its signifigance. Please be aware of the following when configuring your plugin:

  • If you wish to setup the enterprise.yml file and use it with your server, you must set the enterprise toggle in the system settings to true, otherwise these settings will be ignored and the plugin will not attempt to connect to your database at all.
  • AntiCheat blocks two types of command and chat spam by default: repetition and speed. Repetition means that if within an unreasonably short time period a user repeats the same message or command over and over, they will trigger the spam filter and eventually be kicked or banned. Speed means that if a user sends messages or commands faster than is normally possible, they will also trigger the spam filter and eventually be kicked or banned. If your server experiences issues with repetition, it may be wise to disable only it and leave speed enabled.
  • Action one and two for command and chat spam settings are the actions to execute the first two times a user spams and the third time a user spams, respectively. For instance, the default value for action one is KICK, and the default value for action two is BAN. This means that if the user continues spamming they will be kicked, then if they continue spamming they will be kicked again, and finally if they continue to spam they will be banned. You may edit these actions as you choose.
  • The disable-in list contains a list of worlds in which AntiCheat checking should be *completely* disabled. If you only wish to deactivate one check, consider giving all users a check permission in that world.
  • You may disable the auto-update toggle in the systems settings to false if you do not want AntiCheat to automatically check for and download new updates. Updates that are downloaded come only after they have been approved by BukkitDev staff and verified as safe to use. If you choose to disable this setting, it is suggested that you visit this project frequently to ensure your protection is up to date.