In various places across the AntiCheat configuration files, we allow users to specify an Action that will take place once something occurs. Most notably, this is used in the groups.yml file, but it has other implementations as well.

Actions have 6 different notations, but allow users to specify almost anything to take place.

  • NONE - Nothing should happen.
  • KICK - This kicks the player using the built-in Bukkit kick function
  • BAN - This bans the player using the built-in Bukkit ban function. Bans appear in bans.txt and can be excused with '/pardon'
  • WARN - Send the user the warning message
  • RESET - Reset the player's hack level to 0
  • COMMAND[command] OR Command[command1;command2] - The server will execute the command given in brackets. Specifying two commands is possible by using a semicolon (;) in between them. You may use any of the valid variables in your commands.